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Lussekatter – Swedish Christmas Saffron Rolls

by TT December 22nd, 2011| Breads, Desserts, Recipes
This Thursday brings the final installation of holiday treat recipes from the WMG team.  This recipe is courtesy of the newest member of our team, Jessica.  Jessica joined us in November and writes about a variety of topics, including politics, holidays, fitness, gadgets, and outdoor activities.

These saffron buns are a traditional Swedish dish.  Jessica explains, "This is a traditional Swedish baked good served during the month of December. It is based on the holiday St. Lucia, on December 13th, but can be found on Christmas tables as well. It is not very sweet, but makes a nice roll to
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Pumpkin Loaf

by TT December 8th, 2011| Breads, Recipes
pumpkin breadLast Thursday I shared my family's recipe for Almond Cookies.  As I was considering what family recipe I should share next, I decided it would be more interesting to share recipes from other members of the Wasabi Media family.  Today, I am  pleased to share a recipe from an Associate Editor, Jane Wangersky.

Jane has been with Wasabi Media Group since early 2009, making her one of the first ten team members.  At that time Jane worked as a columnist who specialized in articles on animals, books, travel, and humor.  Since then, Jane has been promoted to the role
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Blackberry Bruschetta

by TT August 10th, 2011| Appetizers, Recipes, Tapas Monday
We are fortunate to have wild blackberry bushes in our backyard.  However, most summers there aren't that many berries on the plants.  In fact, there usually are only enough for the kids to pick and eat.  Of course, I'm not going to complain about kids thinking that blackberries are a special treat.

This year was different.  Between finding a larger crop available, traveling for a week-long family vacation, and having kids who are busier this summer, there was a huge quantity to be picked this past Sunday.  So, it was with great delight that I realized not only would there be
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Tuscan Kitchen, Salem, NH

by TT July 29th, 2011| Chef Interviews
Walking into this restaurant is much like walking into a kitchen.  If you visit the lower level, you can watch by windows through which you can see the pasta and bread being made.  On the first floor, you are able to see the brick oven in which many of the dishes are baked.  With the smell of garlic, tomatoes, and freshly baked bread, it smells like you're right at home.

I was able to speak with Tuscan Kitchen's owner, Joe Faro, and chef/partner, Jim Rogers, to learn more about this amazing restaurant.

TT:   With all breads and pastas made fresh,
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Aunt Sue’s Pumpkin Bread

by TT September 24th, 2010| Breads, Recipes
pumpkin breadLike many others, when I cook and need inspiration I usually turn to the Internet.  While I do have a cupboard filled with cookbooks, I find it easier to do a quick search online, as that will offer me more options at a quicker speed than reviewing my cookbooks.  However, there are times when searching my personal collection is a better option.

Among my collection of purchased cookbooks are two binders filled with recipes clipped from magazines and index cards with hand-written recipes.  Some of these handwritten cards are from my mom, some of which are newer to her repertoire and
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NH’s Best Bread Baskets

by TT September 10th, 2010| Restaurant News
Typically I don't eat a lot of bread.  We tend not to serve it with meals, and I usually prefer having a wrap for a sandwich.  For me, bread is something of an indulgence.  If a restaurant is serving regular dinner rolls or slices of wheat bread, even if it's warm, it's something I skip.  However, there are certain restaurants that we visit that I always plan on eating bread before the meal.  Of these restaurants, two are located in New Hampshire.

1. Michael Timothy's/Surf, Nashua

Michael Timothy's and Surf, both owned by Chef Michael Buckley, have simple bread baskets.  A
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Savory Scones

by TT July 21st, 2010| Breads, Breakfast Dishes, Recipes
I have been baking scones for over a decade.  They're an often requested breakfast dish and a favorite among family and friends.  Depending on which person you ask, the best scone filling varies: blueberry/white chocolate chip, cinnamon chip, chocolate chip.  As you can see from this list, I have stayed with the sweet style of scones.

For a while now, I've considered making a scone that ventured into the savory side.  My husband, especially, has shown an interest in trying a scone of this fashion.  With a delayed Father's Day celebration occurring just the other week, it seemed the perfect time
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Sugar Biscuits

by TT April 2nd, 2010| Breads, Recipes
We celebrated my husband's birthday this past Sunday evening, which meant that he chose the entire menu.  It was a simple menu: grilled steaks topped with butter, broccoli, and Caesar salad.  I asked if he wanted some sort of starch, and he requested sugar biscuits.  That is where the simple menu became more difficult.  Yes, I don't know when not to ask for more. . .

While sugar biscuits may seem easy, and they are, the problem is that he likes a particular type of sugar biscuits served at a Maryland restaurant, Friendly Farm.  So, instead of simply being a request
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Day 10- Overnight Eggnog Bread Pudding

by TT January 3rd, 2010| Desserts, Recipes
If you're a regular reader, you will note that the Day 10 post is a day late.  However, with a full day of Christmas celebrations yesterday, there wasn't much time for editing photos and writing. Saturday was filled with Christmas excitement: opening presents, eating lots of delicious foods, and enjoying the company of family and friends.

It was a wonderful day, to say the least.  The day itself was the best present I could have received.  From the squeals of our daughters, as they opened Team Jacob photos, to the giggles of our nephews, as our first floor became their racecourse,
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Day 2- Stollen

by TT December 25th, 2009| Breads, Desserts, Recipes

Stollen was a recipe from my Great Grandma Theiss.  However, my parents adapted the recipe a little.  Instead of using candied fruit, we replaced it with maraschino cherries.  The taste and texture of the cherries was much more appealing than the chewiness and odd taste of candied fruit.

As part of my mom's QT (Quarterly Treat) Club, I sent a loaf of stollen to her at the beginning of this month.  The second loaf was kept here and enjoyed by us.  I have to admit, as soon as the loaf was slightly cooled, I cut a slice and spread some
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Freshly Picked Apple Bread Pudding

by TT October 16th, 2009| Desserts, Recipes
Apple Bread PuddingWhile apples are available all year at the grocery store, there is nothing like freshly picked apples in the fall.  Living where we do, it is a 10-minute drive to a handful of orchards.  Conveniently, our 11 year old daughter takes gymnastics lessons at a studio near these orchards.  With everyone in our house enjoying apples, I typically get a new bag of apples weekly.

For the first month of apple season, we enjoyed Ginger Gold apples, but as with any type of produce, their season ended.  When I went to the orchard last week, I needed to choose a new
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Honey Oatmeal Bread

by TT August 28th, 2009| Breads, Recipes
oatmeal breadI broke one of my baking rules yesterday, which is that baking yeast breads should be done in cool weather only. It should be noted that though my house has central air, something about knowing the weather outside is hot make me not want to complete all the steps required.

However, yesterday I felt inspired to make some oatmeal bread for three reasons.  One, I had bought a great aged cheddar that I wanted to use for an open face melt for dinner.  Two, I needed to use bread as the base and thought oatmeal bread would be perfect.  Three, my
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