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Cheesy Eggplant Pasta- A Dish to Please Many

by TT
We are starting a new way of organizing recipes on Think Tasty. For the past year we have focused on a different type of recipe each month, e.g. desserts. I think we did a great job, but change is good. We now will be focusing on different biweekly food themes. For the next two weeks we will focus on

Know Your Chocolates

by Jane Wangersky
Homemade chocolate desserts are, all by themselves, enough reason for anyone to learn to cook. When you control the amount of chocolate that goes into your concoction, new extremes of flavor are within reach. (If you’re careful, they’ll be extremes of good flavor.) The different kinds of chocolates you

Chocolate-Cranberry Pears

by Jane Wangersky
We’re still working our way through a large delivery of pears here, and I’ve made pear crisp more than once. Well, now it’s time for another pear dessert, good in a different way, and even easier to make.

The inspiration for this came from several different sources, including my go-to

Classic Peanut Butter Cookies

by Kimberly Hays
These cookies can be made with all-natural peanut butter made of only peanuts and salt or one of the big brands like Jif or Skippy. One you grind on site at a natural health food store may not give the best results, however. If you choose to use chunky-style