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“Sushi” Squares — No Sushi Chef Required

by Jane Wangersky
Sushi shows up often as an appetizer or even a quick light meal -- but most of us buy it ready made rather than try to make it at home. Real sushi-making does take some training and special equipment -- if you’re interested, check out continuing education classes in your area -- but this appetizer uses the same ingredients

Eggplant Dip or Salsa

by Elizabeth Skipper
Cooked eggplant makes a great base for a dip, especially if it’s grilled. If it’s not the season or if you don’t feel like firing up the grill, it can also be roasted in the oven, although you’ll miss a bit of the smoky taste the grill imparts. There are variations of eggplant-based dips or spreads in many cuisines,

Lighter Appetizers for Super Bowl

by Elizabeth Skipper
I am sure I will be at some sort of gathering for the Super Bowl. While I do like indulging, it can be overwhelming to have so many heavy snacks. I try to bring a healthier appetizer, but I also am bored with a veggie tray. Do you have a suggestion for a simple yet healthy appetizer?

Great question! I

Onion Goat Cheese Spread

by TT
I love cooking. I love creating dishes that will please others. If I'm alone, I like tinkering with recipes, knowing that I only have my palate to please. Basically, I love working with food and thinking about all of the flavors and textures involved.  Reflecting upon my cooking, the area in which I am the weakest is presentation. Yes,