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Fettuccine Alfredo

by Elizabeth Skipper
This recipe calls for fresh fettuccine. If using dried, reduce the amount of pasta to 10-12 ounces. Follow the cooking times recommended on the package, and begin testing for doneness at the shortest cooking time given. This amount serves 4 to 6 people, depending on their appetites. It’s very rich, but worth the splurge. Use a light hand with

Keeping Pasta From Sticking

by Elizabeth Skipper
After cooking and draining my pasta, what is the best way to keep it from sticking and ready for saucing?  Is butter or olive oil (or an unknown oil) better?

The best way to keep it from sticking and ready for saucing is to not cook the pasta until the

Cheesy Eggplant Pasta- A Dish to Please Many

by TT
We are starting a new way of organizing recipes on Think Tasty. For the past year we have focused on a different type of recipe each month, e.g. desserts. I think we did a great job, but change is good. We now will be focusing on different biweekly food

Know Your Chocolates

by Jane Wangersky
Homemade chocolate desserts are, all by themselves, enough reason for anyone to learn to cook. When you control the amount of chocolate that goes into your concoction, new extremes of flavor are within reach. (If you’re careful, they’ll be extremes of good flavor.) The different kinds of chocolates you