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Blueberry Ginger Salad — Sweet and Sour

by Jane Wangersky August 21st, 2014 | Recipes, Simple Solutions
Recipes I had five pounds of blueberries in my refrigerator, down from ten pounds a couple of nights before, and I was ready to do something new with them. Some were destined for freezer jam, many would be eaten on cereal or out of hand as snacks, and there were always pie and muffins, at least if the weather cooled off enough. But everyone already knows about all these.

Somewhere online I saw a recipe that called for blueberries combined with fresh ginger in a relish for pork teriyaki. Though I wasn’t sure about serving them at dinner with meat, the
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Ask the Chef- Keeping Leftover Avocados

by Elizabeth Skipper August 20th, 2014 | Ask the Chef Ask The Chef
I needed only half an avocado for a recipe. I spritzed the remaining half with lime juice and wrapped it in plastic wrap. When I went to use it two days later, it was brown. Is there an effective way to save unused avocado, or should I have just eaten it all in one sitting?

I'm surprised you were able to abstain from eating half an avocado; I can't.

There are many
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Best BnB Bites

Crab Bisque from Whitestone Country Inn

by BnB Finder August 19th, 2014 | Best BnB Bites, Recipes
So, a bisque may not be a recipe that you are expecting in August.  However, shellfish tend to be a summer ingredient, at least in my mind.  And if you throw a bunch of locally grown vegetables, it begins to make one think. Why shouldn't bisque be a summer recipe?  Obviously it's not a dish you're making on a hundred degree day without air conditioning, but if you have a cool, rainy day or a kitchen that's cooled by AC, this is the recipe to try. Brought to you by Whitestone Country Inn, located in Kingston, Tennessee,
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Mexican Zucchini- A Zippy & Simple Recipe

by TT August 18th, 2014 | Recipes, Side Dishes
We don't have a garden at our house, at least not a vegetable garden.  We have a small herb garden, and we have a decent amount of blackberry bushes. But that's it.  We have had gardens in the past, but over the past few years we've taken to traveling more in the summer. What we learned is that traveling (even for short three or four day trips) can be detrimental to the garden.  So, rather than worrying about hiring a caretaker for the garden, we've decided to buy our produce.

About the time that we stopped gardening, a road-side vegetable
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Cherry Basics: Sweet, Tart, and More

by Jane Wangersky August 15th, 2014 | Cooking Basics
Cooking Basics Cherries, like many summer fruits, will disappear if you just leave them out in plain sight. Much as I like to eat them raw myself, it causes a reaction in me, so I’ve got to take my cherries cooked or not at all. Thus, for a short time each summer while they’re at their best, I spend some time cooking cherries in various ways, and I’ll share what I’ve learned.

Of all summer fruits, cherries are maybe the most work to get ready for cooking. You will need to take off the stems, cut the cherries in half, and dig
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