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Sweet Potatoes with Brown Sugar Carrot Stuffing

by Jane Wangersky November 20th, 2014 | Recipes, Simple Solutions
Recipes Sweet potatoes with marshmallow topping are a holiday food that cause just about as much disagreement as fruitcake – maybe more, because lots of people actually like this sweet potato dish. Others . . . well, I remember reading a Thanksgiving cookbook whose author had meant to put in a recipe for them, but, as she wrote, just couldn't bring herself to do it.

Still, for many families, sweet potatoes in some form are just part of Thanksgiving. And of course there are other ways to cook them. You can always just bake them like regular potatoes, but there are
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Making the Best Mashed Potatoes

by Elizabeth Skipper November 19th, 2014 | Ask the Chef Ask The Chef
We keep skim milk at home, so whenever I make mashed potatoes I use that. However, I was wondering if whole milk or cream might make them better. Or would cream be too rich? I also use butter. I want to make the tastiest mashed potatoes possible; any help is appreciated.

Good mashed potatoes rely on more than simply the kind of liquid used, although, yes, I do think  whole
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Best BnB Bites

Mediterranean Watermelon Salad with Vinaigrette

by BnB Finder November 18th, 2014 | Best BnB Bites


With watermelon going out of the season, this is a great time to take advantage of a great salad before saying goodbye to the tastes of summer. It will be a real treat in the fall with the burst of flavors from the watermelon, feta cheese, and a vinaigrette that includes currant jelly make this the perfect side dish for any meat entrée. It can also be enjoyed for lunch or alone as a light dinner. Enjoy this dish now, courtesy of the Camellia Inn Bed & Breakfast located in Healdsburg, California, which located near the popular California wine
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Homemade Rice Pilaf- An Indulgent Side

by TT November 17th, 2014 | Recipes, Side Dishes
A former relative of mine used to bring this rice dish to family gatherings.  My children adored it.  When I asked for the recipe, I understood why this dish was popular- butter and salt.  For a weeknight dinner, it's a bit indulgent for my tastes.  For my children, well, they'd be glad if I made it every week. 

Cooked to a consistency more similar to risotto, it is quite a comforting dish. A little bit of bite to the rice, unctuousness from the butter, and nice flavoring from the bouillon, it usually receives praise when served.  Plus, the ingredients required
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Dark Secrets from My Kitchen

by Jane Wangersky November 14th, 2014 | Cooking Basics
Cooking Basics So, last week I wrote about cooking winter squash, which is, as I put it, “far from my favorite vegetable”, but is a fact of life here in winter. I’ve learned a few tricks with winter squash, which I shared, but I left out my biggest secret for dealing with it: Stop trying to eat it for dinner and make it into dessert. Pie, muffins, whatever you want, just use it in place of pumpkin, which after all is a winter squash too. Sugar, fat, and spices work miracles.

That got me thinking about some other things I’ve learned but
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