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Element Corn & Rice Cakes

by TT
ELEMENT snacks are a diet-friendly rice or corn cake that are great for snacking. They come in all different flavors, including dark chocolate, milk chocolate, strawberry, and orange. My favorite by far was the dark chocolate, and my least favorite was orange. The rice cake snacks were my favorites. At under 100 calories they are relatively diet-friendly and quite yummy.

Bacon-Wrapped Apples: Sweet, Salty, Hot

by Jane Wangersky
When you use bacon in an appetizer, people tend to expect to find it wrapped around something, simply because it’s so easy to wrap around other foods (before it’s cooked, anyway), and it’s so good at sharing its intense flavor with them too. So on the buffet table you find bacon wrapped around everything from oysters to figs.

This time

Peppermint Stick Parfait

by Elizabeth Skipper
Parfaits are a delicious frozen dessert. The term is often used now to describe layered concoctions served in a tall, narrow short-stemmed glass. Classically, though, parfaits (the word means “perfect”) are desserts made of a flavored mousse-based ice cream combined with an equal amount of whipped cream.  Here’s an easy parfait you can flavor with leftover candy canes.

Because of

Using Up Candy Canes

by Elizabeth Skipper
Candy canes! I have too many of them left. Is there anything I can do with them besides trying to pawn them off on every person that visits our house?  I am open to a creative recipe or idea.

Ha – once Christmas is over, things like candy canes are a glut on the market. Williams Sonoma has their “nostalgic