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Vienna’s Chilai Landstrasse: Affordable Food

by Jane Wangersky
As I’ve learned writing these articles, in any city, the hardest places to find an affordable restaurant are the popular tourist areas and the downtown business district.  But here's one in Good Life Review's destination highlight city. Vienna’s Chilai Landstrasse sits in the business district, next to the Rennweg s-Bahn station (the urban rapid transit that links to the

Malicettes: Buns That Taste Like Pretzels

by Jane Wangersky
While writing one of my restaurant articles, I came across a French word I’d never seen despite 10 years of studying the language and a quarter century’s living in Canada: malicette. Well, of course, it was easy enough to find out that malicettes, or mauricettes, are buns made

Chocolate Mousse

by Elizabeth Skipper
My oh-so-French chef teacher would get frustrated when customers complained that chocolate mousse wasn’t on the menu. They’d demand to know why a French restaurant didn’t have it available throughout the year. Madeleine thought it was a stereotyped cliché, but it was popular year-round then and it’s popular now.

Chocolate for Coating Pretzels

by Elizabeth Skipper
I want to make chocolate covered pretzels, as they are tasty and seem quite simple. My question is this - what type of chocolate do I use- chocolate chips, those chocolate candy disks you find at craft stores, or something else?

While I work with chocolate occasionally for cakes or