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Homemade Strawberry Syrup

by Jane Wangersky
It’s strawberry time, at least in California and other warm places, and -- for those of us who live further north -- in the produce department. Strawberries are grown near where I live, but our local strawberries don’t travel well and mostly get made into jam and other products

Strawberries for Dipping

by Elizabeth Skipper
It seems like cheating to call this a recipe, but I’ve never come across a better way to serve strawberries that’s different, elegant, delicious, and so little work. This idea first came to my attention when I was in cooking school, and it seemed bizarre at the time. The

Dips for Strawberries

by Elizabeth Skipper
With strawberries coming into season soon, I wanted to find a way to serve them as a finger food at get-togethers. I know it could serve them plain, but I would like to offer a dip. Any suggestions for something not too sweet?

Strawberries – good, ripe ones – are

Chicken & Strawberry Salad Sandwich

by TT
At our house we are huge fans of chicken salad sandwiches. In fact, they make a regular appearance in our summer menu. For us, chicken salad is an individual item. So, on chicken salad nights, there are chicken breasts, binding ingredient (mayo, yogurt, etc.), and an assortment of add-ins