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Chocolate-Covered Peanut Butter Pretzel Sandwiches

by TT
This recipe is one that would seem not all that exciting to me. I'm not a big chocolate person. Pretzels aren't a go-to snack for me. I easily can ignore a bowl of them on the counter. However, when you combine those two ingredients with some sweetened peanut butter, you have a dessert that I could eat way too many

Pizza Pino: Pizza and More for the Family in Paris

by Jane Wangersky
If you go to Paris with children, you should know about Pizza Pino. It’s a restaurant chain with four locations in the city and one out in the suburb of Vélizy, plus four in other cities across France. Before you say you’re not going to Paris to eat at

Pasta with Bacon: Simple, Smoky, and Good

by Jane Wangersky

This isn’t quite pasta carbonara -- for that, you’d have to leave out the cured meat and add a couple of raw eggs, which would quickly cook when you tossed them with the hot pasta and bacon. But it’s a good way to make a dish that uses pasta


by Elizabeth Skipper
I learned to love this national dish when I lived in Geneva, Switzerland. There was a café which offered it with multiple toppings – sort of like a savory version of an ice cream sundae! This is good for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and outstanding on a ski trip,