Welcome to Think Tasty. I launched this blog in June 2007. At that time I was an elementary level teacher who shared her passion for cooking and writing on the side. Because of this, I concluded it would be best if I wrote my columns as Think Tasty. In June 2008 I left education to build upon Think Tasty’s success and launch my startup, PeKu Publications.

After eight years spent running that business, I decided to return to the roots of my publishing career and focus on Think Tasty. I also made the decision that I should no longer hide behind the name Think Tasty. Thus, here I am, Michele Pesula Kuegler, the person behind most of the recipes on this site.

So, now, let me tell you a little bit about my cooking history. I have loved working in the kitchen since I was a little kid, helping measure ingredients for cookies and hoping for one of the beaters. Over the years, I’ve worked to become a solid self-taught cook and baker. My family and friends are glad to endorse me as skilled in those areas.

Currently I’m an empty nester with kids in college. However, my passion for the kitchen is still strong. I look forward to publishing recipes that I develop, as one of my favorite things about cooking is sharing it with others. Whether you are able to sit at my table and enjoy a bite of a dish or simply get to try the recipes I post online, I hope to inspire your cooking and engage your appetite.

Think Tasty is a part of PeKu Publications’ portfolio.  To learn more about PeKu Publications, please visit our corporate website.