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asian quinoa (400x400)

Recipe: Asian Garlic Quinoa

by Jane Wangersky October 7th, 2015| Recipes, Simple Solutions
Until this week, I had eaten quinoa a couple of times but never cooked it, and only had a vague idea of what it was (a seed with not much gluten and more protein than brown rice). So it was time to learn. Well, first it was time to
quinoa risotto

Recipe: Quinoa Risotto with Mushrooms & Goat Cheese

by TT October 5th, 2015| Main Dishes, Recipes, Side Dishes
Quinoa has been all the rage for several years, as it is a low carb, high protein side dish. I have been cooking with it for the last three or so years and have discovered a few things. First, it works well in both hot and cold dishes. I've
grilled shrimp (399x400)

Saffron Fennel Salted Shrimp

by Kimberly Hays October 2nd, 2015| Best BnB Bites, Recipes
Although summer is officially coming to a close, there's still time to savor a few more grilled food favorites, which just happen to be a specialty of the Cooking School at Hamanassett Bed & Breakfast in Chester Heights, PA, the only B&B in the Brandywine Valley to offer
caramel pear (400x400)

Recipe: Grilled Brown Sugar-Ginger Pears

by Jane Wangersky September 30th, 2015| Recipes, Simple Solutions
Once again the produce people are delivering three-pound bags of pears to us, often before I’ve finished using the last bag. Just this week I baked a double batch of Butter-Oat-Pear Crisp. At first glance this didn’t fit in with our food focus: grilled food. But with
grilled caesar salad

Recipe: Grilled Caesar Salad

by TT September 28th, 2015| Recipes, Salads
This week at Think Tasty we are focusing on grilled foods. You may wonder why we would choose the last week of September to focus on a warm-weather activity, especially when our parent company is based in chilly, old New Hampshire. Well, there are a few reasons.

  • First, nothing defies
johnny appleseed recipe (400x400)

Wild Mushroom & Fig Stuffed Apples

by BnB Finder September 25th, 2015| Best BnB Bites, Recipes
It's Johnny Appleseed Day tomorrow, and what better way to mark the occasion than with an enticing apple recipe. Known for his apple-tree planting prowess, and as a prominent conservationist, we think Johnny would approve of a dish that makes the most of every apple you have. Since autumn
apple cookies (400x400)

Recipe- Apple Oatmeal Cookies

by Jane Wangersky September 23rd, 2015| Recipes, Simple Solutions
I first learned of John Chapman, aka Johnny Appleseed, from a picture on a label -- the label of what, I can’t remember, but I don’t think it was Johnny Appleseed hard cider, which would’ve been kept out of my reach when I was that young. Anyway,
apple cranberry compote

Recipe- Apple Cranberry Compote

by TT September 21st, 2015| Recipes, Spreads & Sauces
Saturday, September 26th is Johnny Appleseed Day. While that may not be a reason to gather the family for a dinner or decorate your living room with apples, it is a fun day to cook a snack for, especially if you have younger children. When my kids were preschool
hami melon (400x400)

Recipe- Slightly Spiked Hami Melon

by Jane Wangersky September 16th, 2015| Recipes, Simple Solutions
I might as well tell you right away, this isn’t one of those melons that are spiked with a whole bottle of liquor. People sometimes do that so they can have a “drink” in someplace they’re not supposed to, like at a sports event. Or maybe they just want
melon mozzarella salad

Recipe- Melon Salad with a Bite

by TT September 14th, 2015| Recipes, Salads
I love salads. Give me a fruit or vegetable based salad, and I am happy. In fact, I have determined that when my husband travels and my daughter is busy with school and sports, I could make a week of dinners out of lettuce, chicken, and parmesan. Yep, I
fried corn (400x400)

Recipe- Fried Baby Corn

by Jane Wangersky September 9th, 2015| Recipes, Simple Solutions
I’m going to remember this summer as the year lettuce never got cheap. And it’s not just lettuce. The drought here on the west coast (which seems to be ending in a huge rainstorm as I write this) has affected a lot of the produce. Corn seems to be
fresh corn salsa

Recipe- Local Corn Salsa

by TT September 7th, 2015| Recipes, Salads, Spreads & Sauces
We are a little bit more than midway through corn season, so it is time to cook with it. All too soon we'll have to switch to the bags of local corn we've frozen over the summer or, worse, turn to store-bought bags of frozen corn. However, we're still
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