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Madrid salad (400x400)

Recipe: Madrid Salad

by Jane Wangersky August 26th, 2015| Recipes, Simple Solutions
Madrid stew (cocido madrileño) is traditionally a long-cooking one-pot meal with multiple ingredients, and my challenge was to create a dish based on it that called for only four ingredients -- and that we could stand to eat in the middle of August. It turned out to be easier
madrid stew tapas style

Recipe- Madrid Stew, Tapas Style

by TT August 24th, 2015| Recipes, Tapas Monday
Our sister publication, Good Life Review, has focused on the destination of Madrid for the month of August. Here at Think Tasty, we've decided to provide our readers with our own spins on a classic dish from this city, the aptly named Madrid Stew. This author has
dog day cookies (400x400)

Dog Day Cookies

by Jane Wangersky August 19th, 2015| Recipes, Simple Solutions
This week it was my job to invent a recipe for National Dog Day, which had the potential to get, um, tasteless, but we won’t go there. Looking around for inspiration, I found some people give parties on this day (August 26th) to raise money for animal welfare groups.
puppy chow snack mix

Puppy Chow Snack Mix

by TT August 17th, 2015| Desserts, Recipes
This week our recipes are tied to the theme of National Dog Day. When I first thought about Dog Day, I was leaning toward some sort of hot dog recipe. However, with only our 17 year old daughter, my husband, and I at home, hot dogs aren't a frequent
tuna salad on bagel (400x400)

Tuna Salad with Sweet Pickle Relish

by Jane Wangersky August 12th, 2015| Recipes, Simple Solutions
Back to school means sandwiches -- for most students, anyway. In my own schooldays, I never cared for them, and was known to bring in cold egg rolls for lunch. What goes around comes around, and now I have one child who’s only gradually learned to eat sandwiches, and

Recipe- Bourbon Sugar

by TT August 10th, 2015| Garnishes, Recipes
This week's theme is back to school. Yep, take another peek at the title of the recipe. Bourbon sugar, back to school? Let me explain. The full theme is a back to school party. As a mom of older teens, I have been through the back to school season
seaside pasta (400x400)

Seaside Pasta Salad

by Jane Wangersky August 5th, 2015| Recipes, Simple Solutions
Beach parties are kind of like picnics without ants (usually) but with the added risk of dropping your food in the sand. So the perfect beach party food would be guaranteed not to fall -- but I don’t think I can manage to invent it, at least not with
sweet corn tomato salad

Sweet Corn & Tomato Salad

by TT August 3rd, 2015| Recipes, Salads
Through the first half of this summer, I've been to a number of cookouts. The one thing they all have in common is the preponderance of salads. However, most of the salads I've seen are the mayonnaise-coated persuasion- pasta, potato, cole slaw. I understand that these are traditional summer
roasted pepper and fennel

Fennel Marinated Roasted Peppers

by Jane Wangersky July 29th, 2015| Recipes, Simple Solutions
Roasted sweet peppers are an old standby with me, but marinated roasted sweet peppers were a new idea. Of course it was an idea I had to try, too.

When I brought home a mixed bag of red and yellow peppers, some of them the size
meatball stuffed peppers

Ridiculously Easy Stuffed Peppers

by TT July 27th, 2015| Appetizers, Recipes, Tapas Monday
Peppers have been on the editorial calendar for weeks, and for most of that time I have pondered how to make peppers into a star ingredient of a dish. It seems that most of the time I use peppers as an accent or condiment when cooking. I have made
zucchini wedges (400x400)

Crispy Zucchini Wedges

by Jane Wangersky July 24th, 2015| Recipes, Simple Solutions
Remember that dress that might’ve been white and gold or blue and black? I finally understand how it was possible, because the photo that didn’t make the cut for this article looked strangely like dark brown zucchini wedges on a light blue plate, whereas you can see they were
tomato sauce (400x400)

Zucchini-Tomato Sauce

by Elizabeth Skipper July 22nd, 2015| Chef Recipe, Recipes
Here’s a sauce in which zucchini and tomatoes share the limelight. It’s a quickly-cooked sauce, so be sure the tomatoes are well drained or the zucchini will overcook while it’s reducing. I’ve adapted this slightly from Jack Bishop’s book Pasta e Verdura. Don’t omit the heavy cream, and don’t
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