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chicken pie

Easy as Chicken Pot Pie

by James Maynard March 3rd, 2014| Video
Chicken pot pie is perfect for late winter days, when warm food can feel like the only way to feel human. Many people also consider this dish to be a comfort food. Most of us remember these delicious treats from when we were children. However, many parents served their
mascarpone dessert

Al Marscarpone was Walnuts!

by James Maynard February 28th, 2014| Video
Mascarpone walnut rolls are delicious treats that will please friends and family of all ages. These sweet desserts are easy to make, and best of all, they even have cranberries! This soft, Italian cheese is found in a wide variety of desserts. If you don't have marscarpone, you can

The Greatest Thing Since the Pinwheel

by James Maynard February 21st, 2014| Video
Pinwheel appetizers are a quick and easy way to prepare elegant finger foods for a dinner party, or for whenever guests come over. In this video, we learn how to create Mediterranean crescent pinwheels, which are sure to be a hit at any gathering. The recipe shows how to
thai pizza

Appetizer Pizzas to Thai One On!

by James Maynard February 14th, 2014| Video
Appetizer pizzas are a great, simple snack to make for nearly any crowd. But, rather than do something conventional like English muffins and pizza sauce, why not try a new flair with Thai pizza? This delicious treat is also simple to make, but it will give your guests the
gluten free cake

Dessert? Don’t be a Gluten!

by James Maynard February 7th, 2014| Video
Gluten-free desserts are increasingly popular, as a growing number of people are adopting diets free of gluten. You can still make delicious desserts, even without using any ingredients containing the substance. Gluten is the protein present in grains, including wheat. So, baking without using the substance can be challenging.

Supersports Cupcakes!

by James Maynard January 24th, 2014| Video
Looking for Super Bowl Day snack ideas? Everyone loves cupcakes! When your house is filled with sports fans, you can delight the whole crowd with these sporty cupcakes. Watch this video, and you can learn how to quickly and easily make football-themed cupcakes, perfect for the Super Bowl! Best

Taking the Tears Out of Dicing Onions

by James Maynard January 17th, 2014| Video
Dicing onions correctly can save you a lot of tears in the kitchen. And we are not just talking about the tears that come from the release of irritating gas. Cooks who attempt to chop or dice onions too quickly, or without proper technique, can also injure themselves. In
pastry gadgets

Using Pastry Bags and Cones

by James Maynard January 10th, 2014| Video
Using pastry bags and cones can turn your home baking into works of art, worthy of any bakery. These simple tools will help you get the most out of any sweet treat you make for your family. There is no reason you can't make fancy designs on cookies, cakes,

Brownie Pizza

by James Maynard January 3rd, 2014| Video
Brownies are a classic dessert, which are also fantastic for late-night snacks. There are few things in the kitchen more delicious than brownies, warm from the oven. The gooey chocolate is a taste treat for people of all ages, and is a nearly-perfect compliment to a glass of milk.
corn crab soup

Sweet Corn Soup with Crab

by James Maynard December 27th, 2013| Video
Soups are one of the best things about winter. Nothing feels quite as satisfying on a cold winter evening as a bowl of nice, hot soup, fresh from the stove. Crab is a unique flavor, and pairing it with sweet corn in a meal presents your guests with a
chicken curry sandwich

Curry and Make this Fried Chicken Salad

by James Maynard December 20th, 2013| Video
Curry fried chicken salad provides an exotic twist on an American staple. Although chicken salad is usually thought of as a summer dish it makes a great lunch any time of year. This makes an excellent sandwich filler. It can also be served on the side with a larger
fish n wine sauce

Plenty of Wine-ing in the Kitchen

by James Maynard December 13th, 2013| Video
Cooking with wine is one of the hallmarks of really great chefs. Cooking wine is nearly essential in any home where meals are prepared. Wine can be used for any number of applications, from de-glazing pans to poaching, and everything in between. In this video, we learn how to