Welcome to Think Tasty!

I have been thinking about food my entire life. Even when I was a little kid I helped measure ingredients for cookies, assisted with dinner prep, and more. Over the years, I’ve worked to become a solid self-taught cook and baker. There’s almost nothing I enjoy more than thinking about food, creating new recipes, and sharing those dishes with others.

I launched this blog in June 2007, as a way to share some of my culinary creations. Since that time I’ve taught myself many skills in the areas of cooking, blogging, and photography. I may not have a certification or degree in any, but I’ve definitely improved.

Currently I’m an empty nester with semi-adult kids, who enjoy receiving Mom-made care packages. I also have a husband who is delighted to be one of my main recipe testers.

Whether you are able to sit at my table and enjoy one of my dishes or are someone who visits this website, I hope to whet your appetite and inspire your cooking.

Wishing you a delicious day,