Dining in Philly- Part 4

by Michele Pesula Kuegler | October 12th, 2022 | Restaurant Reviews

There are so many great restaurants within a few blocks of our Rittenhouse Square apartment that deciding where to go is difficult. Since we are only here for two months, I am torn between returning to a restaurant we enjoyed and trying somewhere new to us. Most of the time I opt for a new place, because trying new menus usually is fun. The Dandelion definitely fell into the fun and delicious category.

The other issue with having so many good restaurants is that I think I will remember everything I ate and drank, but I don’t. So, during our visit to The Dandelion I cannot with 100% accuracy share our beverage choices. However, I can talk about the food items in excellent detail!

A round of apps

Hungry when we arrived, we started with two appetizers: deviled eggs and beef tartare. Made with madras curry and mustard in the yolk mixture, the eggs were quite flavorful with a creamy consistency. The beef tartare was amazing. I normally leave almost all of that dish for my husband, as the taste can be off putting for me. That was not the case for this tartare. With the topping of watercress, roasted shallot vinaigrette, and truffle dressing, it was full of amazing flavors. The beef was tender, the salad and pickles added crunch, and overall it had lots of nice umami flavors.

Sitting at the bar, as we like to do, we chatted a good amount with the bartender, since the bar was only half full. While deciding on our entrées, I told him that I couldn’t decide between two, and he suggested I order something totally different- rabbit pie. I had skipped that item because pie or pot pie doesn’t feel like a restaurant-worthy dish, more it’s something to make at home. However, I don’t cook rabbit at home, so with his suggestion, I placed my order. 

Onto the entrées

What can I say about the rabbit pie? First, I am so glad I ordered it. I definitely wouldn’t make it at home. There were generous portions of rabbit as well as mushrooms, onions, and bacon. Together they created a creamy, yet textural filly, that was savory and salty, as well as having a tiny bite from mustard and a bit of sweetness from the cream. Second, while the serving was not large by any means, this was a heavy dish. It wasn’t heavy in a bad way, but between a cream sauce and puff pastry topping (preceded by two appetizers), this was a big meal for me. It would be the perfect meal for a cold Sunday afternoon, where after eating you lounge on the couch with a book.

Although it was a much bigger dish, I think in some ways my husband’s dinner of fish and chips was lighter. There was a large portion of cod with a nice crisp coating. The chips were fairly crispy as well. He finished his meal without complaint and room to spare.

Although we were offered dessert, neither of us had room for another bite. (My husband ended up finishing my meal as well, so we’ll call that his dessert.) However, they do have sticky toffee pudding on the menu, which I adore. If we go there again, I may need to just eat a salad, so I save all the room for dessert!

To learn more about this restaurant, please visit their website. To read my previous post on dining in Philly, please click here.

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