Dining in Philly- Part 3

by Michele Pesula Kuegler | October 7th, 2022 | Restaurant Reviews

Taco Tuesday may be a thing, but sometimes the right time to eat tacos is on a Friday night! That was the case for us a few weeks ago. With late summer weather, keeping it warm during the day, that Friday was the perfect time to walk a handful of blocks and give Rosy’s Taco Bar a try.

First, drinks and apps!

Since it’s a taco bar, it was obvious that we needed to start the evening with margaritas, which are pictured above. I had the margarita negra, which is made with Casamigos Blanco, lavender syrup, Combier, lime juice, and charcoal. It was delicious. My husband had the spicy pineapple margarita. It was a nice blend of sweet with a bit of heat.

Another item that was on my to-be ordered list was esquites. Anytime I can find corn and queso fresco, I am excited, especially when it’s off the cob. This appetizer was a generous serving of corn in a creamy sauce, with nice smoky notes, as well as a decent topping of cheese. They gladly refilled our chips when the bowl was empty, but dip remained.

Then, tacos!

Neither my husband nor I was overly hungry, so we decided to order two types of tacos to share. This worked out really well, as I got to eat one of each and be contentedly full, while my husband got two of each.

I opted for the Al Pastor tacos. Filled with tender pork should and topped with pineapple and salsa morita, they were definitely flavorful. My husband chose the Coreanos. The Korean-style short ribs had guajillo chile paste, kimchi, radish, and chipotle mayo. Once again the meat was nicely tender.

It was tough to say which taco I preferred. I liked the flavor of the Coreanos better, but the meat was fattier. (I know short rib is supposed to be fatty, but it’s not always a texture I like.) The Al Pastor had the leaner meat but needed more flavoring. That said, I definitely enjoyed both and would go to Rosy’s again to try more of their menu.

Although they do offer desserts and sides, neither of our appetites were big enough to move past two courses. Maybe during our stay we will return to try more items.

To check out Rosy’s, go to their website. To read my previous post on dining in Philly, please click here.

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