Which Wine to serve with Fruits?

by Editorial Team | May 25th, 2023 | Cooking Basics

Sometimes, the best way to serve food is raw. That is the case with prosciutto as an appetizer, but also with fruits for dessert. Although there are fruits available throughout the year, there is no better time than summer to bring them to your guest at the end of a meal. Below, you will find associations of wine that you will want to pair with each of the fruits that we feature in this article.

The Rules to match Fruits and Wines

If you want your wine and fruit pairing to be successful, you need to focus on the primary aroma found in the wine, which is floral or fruity. It is the best way to make sure that the wine can increase the pleasure brought by the fruit to the palate. As a general rule, stay from oaked wines and do not serve fruits that are too ripe. Keep both crisp and fresh. For a great selection of the various wines below, you can visit cavesa.ch, where you will find some of the best wines from France, Switzerland, Italy, Spain and more.


This is a fruit that is perfect for wine pairing. It can be enjoyed with a large variety of grapes, but we will focus on two, which are Gamay and Sangiovese. The Gamay grapes tend to display notes of cherry, which complements the fruit perfectly. Produced in the Beaujolais region, it is also a great dessert wine. As for the Sangiovese, it is one of the most beloved grapes of Italy, and it is featured in such appreciated wines as the Chianti, Montepulciano and Brunello. Look for candied cherry flavours.


Is there anything more heavenly than melon on a warm afternoon? Yes, and that is when it is served with the right wine. A Bandol rosé will certainly come close to perfection. Its roundness and generosity will flatter those of the melon perfectly. Otherwise, you can go opposite and choose to go with the floral aromas of a dry Muscat from Alsace, which will bring tenderness to the tasting.


When you see people eating strawberries in movies, they most often do so while enjoying champagne. Although this is certainly a mix that works, there are other wines that can bring as much pleasure, if not more. The Pinot Noir is a grape that goes well with almost all summer fruits, but it will add to the enjoyment of eating strawberries best. The Sauvignon Blanc will also be ideal, especially if the fruits aren’t ripe quite yet. Its lemon flavour will help bring out the crisp of the fruit.


This fruit is best eaten fully mature (opposite to the others on this list). That is when you will benefit the most from its aromas. The choice of grapes for the wine varies greatly, but at some point, everyone should try them with a Muscat or a Riesling, which will bring out the sugar found inside the fruit even more. If you really feel like having champagne, peaches just may be the best fruit to pair with it. Finally, for something different, try an Albariño, which will create a contrast in flavour.

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