Three Reasons Why You Should Try Quick Pickling

by Michele Pesula Kuegler | July 21st, 2023 | Cooking Basics
quick pickles

I am a fan of pickles and not just the typical cucumber version. Whether they be pickled green beans, peaches, or carrots, I enjoy the bright, acidic notes. Of course, to make regular canning pickles takes a lot more effort and time, as they need to be shelf stable. That is why most of my pickling is done in the quick fashion. Today, I’m going to convince you to try this also.

Reason #1

Quick pickling is a great way to use extra produce. Do you have a garden that is growing out of control? Did your last trip to the grocery store or farmers market deliver more produce than you need? Take those brussel sprouts, peaches, or what have you and turn them into a pickled item that will last for another month!

Of course, it doesn’t have to be leftover produce, you can buy or grow a fruit or veggie just to be pickled. Either way the quick pickled item will last weeks longer than the fresh version.

Reason #2

When you do your own pickling, you get to choose the flavor profile and the base. Sure, you can buy pickled produce almost anywhere, but it may not have the flavors you were considering. For example, when I made quick pickled watermelon rind recently, I added baking spices and some sugar. I wanted a pickle that leaned into sweetness, while still being balanced by acidity.

There are so many options for your pickle flavoring. Yes, you need to start with a base of water and vinegar, but even that has a lot of flexibility. You can use cider, red, or white vinegar, among other options. Then there are other add-ins: ginger, garlic, peppercorns, cardamom, and more. You also get decide on the amount of salt and whether to include sugar or not.

Reason #3

The third reason is simple: Think Tasty recipes. In addition to the watermelon rind, I have several other recipes for you to try:

As I mentioned, quick pickling requires a lot less of the cook. You don’t even have to own mason jars. Grab a bowl large enough for storage, a pot for cooking, and all of your ingredients. Let the quick pickling begin!

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