Three Amazing Benefits of Oat Flour

by Editorial Team | January 31st, 2022 | Cooking Basics

As home chefs reach out beyond standard flours, oat flour has become increasingly popular. Whole oats are a healthful whole grain that can be made into oat flour in just a few minutes. Making is a multipurpose ingredient to keep in your cupboard at all times.

Oat flour has gained a lot of popularity in gluten-free cuisine as well, and for valid reason. It’s a nutritious alternative to all-purpose flour that’s simple to make at home. It may be used in a variety of dishes, including biscuits, waffles, cupcakes, fruit crumbs and crackers, and much more!

Oat Flour Basics

Oat flour is prepared by blending or food processing whole oats. It merely takes just few moments and is far less expensive than buying oat flour in a packet.

Although oats are inherently gluten-free, they are frequently cross-contaminated, necessitating validation if gluten is a factor.

At oat flour recipes at McKenzie’s Foods, you can find the whole guide as well as tips and tricks for working with oat flour. These amazing recipes are full of taste and health benefits.

Let’s move on to the amazing health benefits of oat flour

1. The Nutrition Value

The amount of nutrients included in oat flour is the very first health advantage that you should know. Manganese has the highest proportion of minerals. Phosphate, calcium, and iron are the next elements on the list. It also has higher levels of copper, zinc, and B – complex vitamins than the usual.

It contains so many antioxidants that it can actually mitigate premature cell degeneration. Oat flour contains a soluble fibre that promotes the development of beneficial microorganisms. This is good for your digestive system.

2. Skincare Benefits

As an organic exfoliator, oat is beneficial. It works to remove dead cells and restores your skin’s radiance. Brown sugar is a fantastic addition to any face scrub, so you can prepare a brown sugar and oat facial scrub.

Exfoliating with oats removes stains and imperfections from your skin. Because it is a natural substance, the odds of it harming your skin are slim; instead, it moisturises and calms the skin, giving it a healthy shine.

The more you exfoliate, the simpler it is for blood to circulate, resulting in glowing skin.

3. For People With Diabetes

The glycemic index (GI) is a measurement of how quickly meals elevate blood glucose levels. The greater the amount, the more blood glucose is raised by the diet.

Food products having a low GI score are good for maintaining blood sugar control. These products do not boost blood glucose levels as much or as quickly as high-GI meals.

Including three or more grammes of beta glucans from oats in your diet can help lower bad cholesterol while maintaining good cholesterol levels.

Oatmeal may be made in a variety of ways, but perhaps the most simple version is oats boiled in boiling water. Oat flour adds more flavour to baked items than conventional all-purpose flour, but it also makes them tastier and crumblier.

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