The Quarter, New York, NY

by Michele Pesula Kuegler | March 22nd, 2013 | Restaurant Reviews

the_quarter_dining_room_toward_wine_wallRecently my husband and I had the opportunity to travel to Manhattan for a mix of work and fun, which included some time there during the weekend.  With more free time than a typical business trip, we were able to enjoy several dining experiences in the city.  Our first was on a Saturday night.  Traveling from our Midtown lodging, we cabbed down to the West Village for dinner at The Quarter.

We arrived promptly for our eight o’clock reservation and were seated immediately.  The restaurant had a cozy, intimate feel with its wood and wine decor.  We were introduced to our server, who provided us with water and menus.  She also shared the evening’s appetizer and entrée specials and left us to ponder our dining options.

As we weren’t in a rush, we began our evening with beverages:  a glass of Alto Tierruca Cabernet Sauvignon for me and a Samuel Smith Teddy Porter for my husband.  While our beverages were gathered, we considered our appetizer options.

Although I prefer to eat more lightly, the menu at The Quarter was so tempting that I decided it was a night to indulge.  Following this thought, we ordered two appetizers to share.  Our first appetizer was a special that evening, Peking Duck Springroll.  It was served with two dipping sauces, sesame hoisin and ginger scallion.  Even with this being a fried appetizer, it was light and not greasy at all.  The duck inside was tender, and the springroll was crisp and flaky.

Our second appetizer was the Foie Gras Fig Newtons.  This dish was absolutely delightful, our favorite dish of the evening.  Breaking it down, it was thinly sliced brioche topped with foie gras terrine and fig jam that was then topped with another slice of brioche and grilled.  A final thin layer of foie gras was added to the top of the sandwich and possibly bruléed.  The mix of savory foie gras, sweet fig, crispy outside, tender inside made me want to eat plates of these fig newtons.  Of course, we were only on the first course, so moderation was important.

For the main course, my husband continued with his foie gras fixation and ordered the Braised Beef Short Rib.  How is it that short ribs help a foie gras fixation?  Why, they are stuffed with foie gras!  The beef was tender, and the foie gras was delicious. Served with a green apple and golden raisin chutney there was a nice balance of textures and flavors.

I ordered Pan Seared Silver Hake “Sustainable”.  While a white fish may sound like a boring entrée, this was anything but.  Presented with a lobster chardonnay butter, the lightness of the fish paired well with the richness of the sauce.  A generous portion of braised kale finished the plate.  I have to confess that I did not finish the entire plate, but my husband was glad to get to enjoy some of it as well.

With full stomachs, we took a small break from eating while we each enjoyed a cup of coffee.  Served with a small pitcher of warm milk, it was a wonderful way to spend time.  Piping hot coffee and conversation in a dimly lit restaurant make for a great intermission.

After our break in dining, we continued with dessert.  My husband ordered the Banana Springroll.  This had to be one of the most unique desserts I have seen in a while.  In addition to being a banana springroll, it was complimented with a sweet cilantro syrup.  While cilantro may not be an ingredient you’d expect to find in a dessert, it delivered a nice contrast to the banana.

I completed the evening’s dining with Brioche Bread Pudding.  Topped with creme anglaise and cinnamon whipped cream, it was perfect comfort food.  The bread pudding was warm and tender but not overly sweet.  The creme anglaise and whipped cream added the sugary taste I was craving.

Our dinner at The Quarter made for a perfect Saturday evening.  Delicious food, excellent service, and intimate atmosphere provided us for a night that will provide lovely recollections in the future.

Editor’s note:  Our evening of dining was provided at no cost to my husband and myself.  That being said, this review accurately reflects the quality of our experience at The Quarter.

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