Thaiphoon, Palo Alto, California

by Michele Pesula Kuegler | March 2nd, 2008 | Restaurant Reviews

While in California recently, my boyfriend and I decided to have Thai food for dinner. Searching the Internet, we found Thaiphoon, located in Palo Alto.thaiphoon

We arrived at 6:30 on a Sunday night and were seated immediately. We were greeted by our waiter and provided with dinner and drink menus. After perusing the fairly diversified martini list we made our choices. My boyfriend, having chosen his drink more quickly than I, found an appetizer that would please both of us.

Within minutes of placing our drink and appetizer orders, our martinis appeared. My boyfriend had ordered a coconut martini, which came with a rim coated in sweetened coconut flakes. Unlike many coconut drinks that are heavy with coconut milk, this drink was light with a hint of sweetness. My drink was a blueberry martini, which was garnished with a lemon slice. This drink was light and had a delightful blueberry taste.

Having enjoyed a few sips of our drinks, our appetizer of chicken satay arrived. At this point, we ordered our main dishes and dug into the chicken. The four skewers of chicken lay atop a cucumber salad. The chicken was warm and tender and had a slightly sweet taste from the coconut milk in the marinade. The peanut curry dipping sauce balanced the flavors of the marinade.

For our entrees we ordered two dishes to share. The first dish was stir fried mango chicken, which was listed as a mild dish. As explained on the menu, this entrée was “chicken sautéed with fresh mango, cashew nuts, bell pepper, onions, and water chestnut.” These ingredients had a nice combination of flavors. My boyfriend and I disagreed about one ingredient, though. I thought the mango had a metallic taste, but he thought it tasted fine. Absent the mango, both of us agreed that it was a tasty entrée.

Our second dish was Mongolian beef, which was rated with a spice level of medium. This dish had slightly more heat, as it contained pan-fried beef, leeks, onion, and chili peppers. While this dish did not have a range of flavors like the chicken, it was delicious in its own way. Served with crispy rice noodles, it provided a pleasant variety of crunchiness and tenderness.

It must be noted that the waitstaff at Thaiphoon were very attentive. Both my boyfriend and I drink large amounts of water when we dine. In fact, we have had waitstaff that have offered to leave pitchers of water to make their jobs easier. At this restaurant, a staff member frequently checked on our glasses and kindly refilled them. The waitstaff also were attentive to our dining needs while not being overbearing, which can be a difficult balance to achieve.

Our dining experience at this Palo Alto restaurant was very good. If you are in the Bay Area and are looking for some delicious Thai food, Thaiphoon should be the destination of your choice.

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