Romantic Yet Simple Ideas to Surprise Your Partner

by Editorial Team | August 31st, 2021 | Cooking Basics

While falling into a phase of comfort with your partner is something to look forward to for new couples, becoming too comfortable is a gradual way to kill the spark and end up feeling trapped in your relationship. With that said, surprising your partner with special gifts is just one of many ways to keep the spark glowing.

There are five love languages, and gift-giving is one of them. And while some would say that they have a particular preference for one or two of the love languages, there’s reason to believe that all five are crucial, suggesting that gifts are an excellent idea, even if you think your partner isn’t particularly fond of the love language. To increase the impact of your love language, you also can try using male pheromones. They can help produce an even stronger level of attraction.

And surprising your partner doesn’t have to start and end with gifts, as acts of service are yet another love language that can be used to wow your significant other. So, if you’re searching for simple ways to surprise your partner on random occasions, we’ve created a list of gifts and acts of service for you to consider.

A Parcel of Cookies

There’s something extraordinary about watching the time pass at work on a quiet day, eagerly waiting for the day to end, only to receive a parcel at your desk from your loved one. And nothing says it better than a parcel of freshly baked cookies from the Twisted Sugar menu.

A parcel of cooking is suitable for everyone, unlike other generic ideas like flowers. While you might enjoy receiving fresh roses at work, your husband might not appreciate the gesture all too much. However, everyone appreciated a basket of tasty cookies.

Home-Baked Surprises

If your partner has something of a sweet tooth, baking something special for valentines day, or any day for that matter is an excellent way to wow your partner. This effort will be both a gift and an act of service, making it exceptionally special.

You can consider sweet treats like triple chocolate truffles, strawberry and champagne trifles, and others, depending on your baking skills. Or, you can consider more simplistic baking recipes such as cupcakes. Your partner will be wowed by the fact that you have spent time creating something tasty for them to enjoy, and you don’t have to spend a fortune either, as baking ingredients are pretty pocket-friendly.

Special Reminder Notes

It might seem somewhat cliche at first, although your partner will genuinely appreciate the small effort of a special reminder note placed in their lunch or left on the home office desk. You can write any special and quick message to let them know you are thinking of them. And this is something special that you can do most days or even every day.

A Surprise Movie Date

A surprise movie date is exceptionally easy to plan, as all you will have to do is make sure your partner is free on a specific day and book the tickets. However, you must also be sure your partner is interested in your film of choice. If you have a slightly larger budget, you also could plan a concert date. Wow that special someone with a night watching a great artist, such as Bad Bunny, by securing tickets through TicketSmarter.

Alternatively, you could merge an act of service into this idea and plan a surprise movie night at home. This will also be pretty simple to pull together, as store-bought snacks, a few blankets, and pillows, and the movie itself is all you will need to pull it off. If you have a great internet connection from somewhere like xfinity internet, you could even download the movie before your date arrives so that you can be confident it will play smoothly and not run the risk of stopping and starting throughout while the next part loads. 

Plan A Spa Day

There’s hardly anything more enriching and relaxing than a spa day, and most of us would all agree that a spa day is often as good as a short getaway. Booking a spa day for your partner is a great way to ensure they can unwind. Spa days are also relatively affordable, depending on the specific treatments you opt for. With that said, a massage for two is the perfect stress relief for any couple, which is why they are trendy options.

This is best if you know your partner might not attend a spa day on their own. And it will be a great bonding time as well. You must also be sure your partner does not have plans when making the booking, so try to book closer to the day rather than weeks in advance.

A Surprise Weekend Away

Everyday life often becomes mundane and grueling, even with a chaotic daily schedule. So, planning a surprise weekend away for you and your partner is a gift that you can both benefit from. A weekend away can help you and your partner reduce stress, feel renewed, and spend some real quality time together, all at the same time.

You don’t have to spend a fortune and fly to a foreign region, as a simple hotel or Airbnb stay near you is an excellent choice. A weekend breakaway will also give you and your partner time together. And because there are so many accommodation options out there recently, you’ll definitely find something to suit your budget.

Start Prioritizing Love Languages

We all tend to become comfortable in relationships after some time, and as a result, we tend to overlook our partners’ needs. Unfortunately, this will eventually spiral for some, and the spark can be lost. For this reason, it is pretty important to prioritize the five love languages. And if you haven’t been doing this, then now’s the best time to start.

The five languages of love are gift-giving, acts of service, words of affirmation, physical touch, and quality time. While gift-giving is pretty straightforward, words of affirmation explain telling your partner how you feel, reassuring your love and expressing your appreciation for them. And when it comes to quality time, there are ideas mentioned above that are perfect solutions, such as a weekend away, a spa day, or even a movie date night.

Incorporating all five languages into your relationship is a sure way to let your partner know just how much you love them. And you will soon find that they are picking up on your efforts and returning the actions, all the same, strengthening your relationship and ensuring the spark is genuinely never lost.

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