Review: Pangaea, North Bennington, Vermont

by Michele Pesula Kuegler | July 8th, 2009 | Restaurant Reviews, Salads

pangaeaAfter a rainy, work-filled June, my husband and I decided to start July on a relaxing note.  Although technically we started July with a 12-hour workday, we did get to the relaxation part on the second day.  Not sure of weather and plans for the holiday weekend, we made reservations for lodging and dinner for our trip at 1:00 (the day of our trip!) and were traveling west by 2:00.  With reservations at the Eddington House Inn that included a 5-course wine tasting dinner at Pangaea, we were hopeful of having an enjoyable night away.

Conveniently, the Eddington House Inn is located less than a quarter mile from Pangaea and the weather was clear, so we were able to walk to our dining destination.  Seated at a window-side table, we had a nice view of Main Street.  Our server, Nicole, introduced herself and confirmed the information that our innkeeper had given when making our reservation:  we did want our 5 courses to be surprises, we had no food allergies but preferred not to have chocolate in our dessert course.  With these items finalized, she did tell us that for one dish she needed to know our wellness preference for a beef dish.  Having all questions answered, our parade of food began!

Our dinner started with an appetizer course of pan-fried scallops.  Perfectly cooked and lightly seasoned, this dish was paired with a Riesling.  The Riesling was excellent, having a crisp, less sweet taste.  Neither the scallops nor the Riesling was overpowered by the flavor of the other.

The second course was a mushroom springroll complimented with glasses of Chardonnay.  Served in a flaky wrapper and piping hot, this dish was pleasing to our palates.  The Chardonnay was less acidic than the Riesling but had a light, fruity flavor to it that made it quite refreshing.

Before continuing to the third course, it should be noted that timing was impeccable.  Although we were served five courses and at one point were the only party left at the restaurant, there was no rush.  We were able to finish each course at our own pace and enjoy each bite and sip.

Filet mignon (the previously mentioned beef dish) was our third course.  We had ordered it medium, as a compromise between my husband’s and my wellness preferences, and it was cooked perfectly.  Served atop thin slices of potato layered with butter, all parts of this dish melted in your mouth.  Accompanied by glasses of Petite Syrah, it was another amazing course.

Our fourth course was pork tenderloin served with sweet potato gratin.  Again the chef cooked the meat to perfection, yielding a tender cut of meat aside deliciously prepared sweet potatoes.  Our wine for this course was a Merlot that had great depth.

To finish our evening, we were treated to two desserts, a Tahitian vanilla creme brulee and pineapple sorbet.  While we were quite full from our evening of eating, we did manage to finish these dishes.  These desserts were paired perfectly, with contrasting temperatures and textures.  I must confess that the dessert wine escapes me, as I was so busy ogling the desserts when Nicole presented it.  However, I do believe it was a Moscato.  Regardless, it was a wonderful end to an evening of gastronomic delights.

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