Review: L’Auberge Saint Roch, Paris

by Michele Pesula Kuegler | November 5th, 2010 | Restaurant Reviews

Yes, the location of this restaurant is Paris, as in Paris, France.  As I celebrated a birthday of note this year, I was gifted with a rather large present- a trip to Paris.  So, last month, my husband and I spent five days exploring that city.  This trip occurred amidst the strikes and protests, but what we discovered was a beautiful city that had amazing foods.  Thanks to an engaging man that we met on our first night in Paris, we spent our second night dining at L’Auberge Saint Roch.

Walking from our hotel to the restaurant, we arrived at 8:00 pm on Monday.  Although in the US you might expect to find an empty restaurant at that time on a weekday, Paris is quite different.  The restaurant was filled with diners with the exception of one table for two.  Thus, we were seated immediately and greeted warmly by the owners.  With English as our apparent first language, they made sure that we were comfortable with the French menu, which we were, and left us alone to ponder our choices.

Being in Paris and indulging our appetites, we both opted for the prix fixe menu that included an appetizer, entrée, and dessert.  To start my meal, I chose a rocket salad that was served with warm goat cheese atop toasted slices of French bread that were drizzled with honey.  The best way to describe this salad is perfect.  Combining my love of fresh greens, warm cheese, and the indulgence of bread sweetened by honey, I ate every bite (except the one that I shared with my husband).  He started his dining with an escargot cassoulet.  Escargot is a food that he adores but does not find often, so his decision was easy to make.  He devoured it quickly, though I did manage to sneak a taste before it was gone.

For our entrées, my husband stuck with his favorite meal during this trip: duck.  Served with a honey/citrus sauce and pan-fried potato wedges, it was heaven on a plate for him.  In fact, although I typically am not as excited about duck, I found this dish to be incredibly tender and flavorful.  For myself, I ordered veal served with green beans and potatoes.  Again, the meat in this dish was tender and delicious.  The green beans were cooked perfectly to crisp-tender.  While the potatoes were well done, I opted to eat only one or two and save room for the dessert course.

Deciding on a dessert is somewhat easier for both of us, as we eliminate chocolate desserts immediately.  Of the choices left, we both found something unique.  My husband ordered prunes soaked in armagnac, which is something you would be challenged to find elsewhere.  Enjoying both the fruit and liqueur, my husband was pleased with his choice.  I ordered vanilla ice cream topped with golden raisins that had been infused with rum.  Never before had I thought that ice cream should be topped with raisins.  However, after eating this dessert, I think I may need to make it at home.

Of course, being in Paris, we ordered a bottle of the house red wine to accompany our meal.  As was with all of the wines we enjoyed in Paris, it was full-bodied and the perfect accompaniment for our dishes.  In addition to wonderful food and beverages, we received kind and attentive service, with the staff ensuring that we were ordering exactly what we wanted (to avoid any language confusion).

While it will be some time until we return to Paris, this meal at L’Auberge Saint Roch will be one of the memories that I will cherish.

  1. Paul says:

    This review is right on mark….wonderful food…reasonable….friendly and no language barriers!!! Superb!!!! Go…go now!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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