Plantain Press: How to Make Tostones

by Editorial Team | July 21st, 2021 | Cooking Basics

If you have ever eaten tostones, then you know how delicious they can be. If you tried it when you visited a friend and you’ve been wondering how to replicate it at home, then you are just in luck. In this article, you will learn how to make tostones.

But before we go into all that, we will first explain what this delicacy is…

What are Tostones?

They are green plantains that have been crisply fried. Interestingly, you can eat them as appetizers or as a side dish with beans and rice or barbecued meats. You can use them as a replacement for fries whenever you want to try a different meal that is similar.

The versatility of tostones means that you can eat them with any other meal. It is very easy to make but can become a mess if you are not careful and patient. We will talk about that some more when we discuss the steps involved in making this meal.

Most people make use of tostonera press to get the plantain flattened properly. We recommend the use of that handy tool as it will prevent the whole process from getting messy which is what many face when trying to get this dish prepared.

Tostones are known as patacones when you go to places like Colombia and Costa Rica but remain tostones in other places such as Cuba and Puerto Rico.

Steps to Make Tostones

If you follow this recipe, the dish can be prepared within 20 minutes; 10 minutes for preparation, and 10 minutes for cooking. It will yield 2 servings after it is prepared.

Ingredients Required

  • Green plantain (Just 1 is enough but you can use 2 if you want more servings)
  • Frying oil (5 Tablespoons)
  • Salt
  • Cold water (3 cups)


Follow the steps below to make this dish:

Step 1 – Get the plantain peeled.

Step 2 – Cut the plantain into chunks just 1-inch large.

Step 3 – Pick a skillet; preferably a large one, and heat the oil in it.

Step 4 – Place the cut plantains into the simmering oil. Take care so that the oil doesn’t splash on you when you do this. Visit to learn how to prevent oil splatter when frying. This is one of the areas where you need to be careful as we said earlier that carefulness is required to prepare this food.

Step 5 – Once the side that is in contact with the oil is fried for at least three and a half minutes, flip the plantains to the other side. Pay attention to the plantains while they are being fried to prevent them from getting charred.

Step 6 – After both sides are fried, take them out of the skillet. Be careful once again to prevent oil splash.

Step 7 – Now with the aid of the tostonera press, flatten the fried plantains. If you don’t have a plantain press, then you can make use of a plate. To make use of a plate, you will have to press the plate over the plantains. Ensure that the plate you use has a very flat base and be careful not to exert so much pressure to prevent the plantains from becoming scattered.

Step 8 – Take the flattened plantains and put them in a bowl of clean water. Make sure the bowl is large enough to accommodate the food items.

Step 9 – Place the food items back into the oil that is still being heated. Once again, be careful when doing this.

Step 10 – Allow both sides to fry for about a minute to make it crispy and seal the color.

Step 11 – Add a little bit of salt to give it taste.

Step 12 – Remove it from the oil and serve at once.

Nutritional Value

Plantains are known for their nutritional value as seen here. Following the recipe above, each serving contains the following:

  • 136 calories
  • 1.2 grams of protein
  • 28.5 grams of carbohydrates
  • 3.3 grams of fat
  • 14.2 grams of sodium

Tips for Making Tostones

The following are tips to employ to ensure that the steps above are performed smoothly and that the end product is something you can actually eat:

1.Fry at Low or Medium Flame
The reason why many folks literally turn up the heat when they are cooking or frying is because they want to get the job done quickly. However, time and again, this has proven to be a disaster.
When making tostones, we recommend you set the flame at low or medium. The reason for this is that it will allow the oil to get heated evenly and the temperature will be maintained at all points. It will also prevent the plantains from burning once they touch the oil.

2.Slice Plantains into Either Medium or Thick Chunks
When slicing the plantains as we instructed above, they should be at least 1 inch thick; do not cut them too thin. If they are too thin, they can easily get burnt. Furthermore, it will them too crispy without the inside being soft. Besides, when they are too thin, you are no longer making tostones but plantain chips.

3.Do not Put Plantains into Cool Oil
You must always ensure that the oil is already hot before placing the plantains into the oil. Using cool oil will only make them oily and it is never a good thing. Also, the oil must be hot when you want to fry the tostones again.

4.Fry for Only a Minute the Second Time
Remember not to fry the plantains for more than 1 minute the second time. If it exceeds 1 minute, you run the risk of getting them too oily.

5.Always Serve Fresh
What we mean is tostones are not good when served after it has been prepared for a while. Also, they are not good with reheating. So, do not keep them on the table for long after preparation.


We believe that you now know how to make tostones using the simple steps and tips shared above. If you have further questions, feel free to let us know.

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