Making Food Less Boring

by Editorial Team | March 20th, 2021 | Cooking Basics

Making Food Less Boring

Food is one of the most flexible parts of our daily lives.  We can create any meal we want, try new flavors and experiences, and switch things up.  Unfortunately, most people don’t go far outside of what they’re used to and eat the same foods they always eat.  If you’re ready to make your food less boring and make changes that can keep you excited: here are some of the top things you can try!

Changing Breakfast

Breakfast is the start of our day and sets up the building blocks for how we’ll experience the rest of our time awake.  A simple bowl of cereal, or a slice of toast with butter on it, isn’t going to be enough to inspire you.  

Instead, you can take breakfast staples and dress them up.  Consider smearing some bacon jam onto your toast for a savory swap, or you can try gochugaru on your eggs!  Adding delicious and spicy flavors to your breakfast will leave you feeling fuller and more capable of taking on the morning.

Changing Lunch

The classic foods for lunch are sandwiches, soups, and microwave meals you can fit into your lunchbox.  Instead, consider changing things up into new and fun ways.  You can make a deconstructed fun ramen bowl for lunch by pan-frying a little pork belly, thinly slicing carrots, hard boiling an egg, and including other vegetables.  

You can make your broth, buy a delicious broth that you’ll like, and pack some microwavable udon noodles.  Getting to put the soup together at work and cooking will make any lunch feel more special and delicious.

Changing Snacks

The top snacks most people reach for in America are salty or sweet.  This can culminate in sneaking bags of chips or peanuts and calling it a day.  Instead, consider trying new snacks every week.  You can pack salted and flavored seaweed snacks if you’re having ramen that day or learn how to make protein balls using oatmeal and other healthy ingredients. 

The next time you’re in a grocery store, take a trip down the snacks aisle or any food aisle you usually don’t try and see if you can find something you’ve never tried before that will inspire you.  Of course, you can go back to the familiar snacks if you don’t like the new ones, but trying new things is the best part of snacking.

Changing Dinner

The most important meal of our day, and what many people look forward to most while working, dinner is a fantastic place to switch things up.  Although many may feel unsure about devoting such a big meal to something new, it’s good to try new things.  A simple way to switch up dinner would be to try a new restaurant once a week.  If you want to be more daring and aren’t worried about putting a lot of time into something you haven’t tried, you can look up a new recipe once a week!  Millions of recipe videos on YouTube and millions of websites are dedicated to showing cooks new recipes!  Be brave; if you don’t like it, you can always order pizza!

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