Jones Wood Foundry, New York, NY

by Michele Pesula Kuegler | March 25th, 2013 | Restaurant Reviews

jones_wood_foundry_dining_roomWhat’s a good way to follow a night of delicious dining?  A lazy morning strolling the city streets, followed by a tasty brunch in the early afternoon!  Unfortunately, it was a cold Sunday morning and, as we knew, there weren’t many shops open, so the stroll was more of a brisk walk.  Arriving at Jones Wood Foundry slightly before our one o’clock reservation was definitely the prize at the end of our journey.

We were seated in a corner booth in the back of the restaurant.  These seats gave us a great view of the room and its decor.  Filled to capacity, its brunch seemed to be a popular option.  I thoroughly enjoy eating brunch, as it provides some of my favorite items: breakfast dishes, an excuse for an early afternoon cocktail, and the opportunity to sample a handful of foods.

My husband and I started our brunch with a beverage for each of us.  Dining in a restaurant that was inspired by the public houses in the UK, my husband opted to start with a glass of their cask ale of the day.  I chose the Champagne Cocktail, as the combination of bubbles and semi-tartness are a great balance to the sweets of breakfast.

As we hadn’t eaten breakfast, we decided to make this brunch a multi-course meal.  Thus, we began with two different starters:  Crumpets and a Scotch Egg.  Each of us had a favorite in this course.  My husband adored the Scotch Egg, a hard boiled egg coated with sausage, breaded, and fried.  Served with tartar sauce, it was a unique dish that I had never sampled before.  It definitely had a firm crunch to its coating and a nice assortment of savory flavors.  While I enjoyed a few bites of the egg, I took my full half of the crumpets.  Served warm with butter and lemon curd, I could have eaten the whole serving.  The crumpets were tender, and the curd had a wonderful combination of sweet and sour.

Moving onto our main courses, we chose dishes that reflected the range in a good brunch menu.  My husband opted for a more lunch-like dish, Seafood Pie, which was the pie of the day.  Filled with welks, smoked eel, and other assorted seafood items, it was served in a very flaky crust.  This dish was a winner for my husband.  In fact, it was so good, he didn’t even offer to share a bite with me.  Accompanied by a hearty serving of chips, it was a filling meal.

I chose a breakfast oriented dish of Gypsy’s Lentils.  I personally adore all legumes, so being able to order some for my meal was quite a treat.  The lentils were served in a thick broth adorned with prosciutto, chorizo, and eggs.  Although the dish was supposed to come with poached eggs, my request of scrambled eggs was easily accommodated.  The portion of food served was astounding.  While I enjoyed my meal, I was unable to finish it, especially if I wanted to sample dessert.

While I was close to satiated, we decided to order dessert in order to provide a full review.  My husband chose the Banoffee Pie.  An interesting combination of bananas and toffee, that seemed like an odd pairing when I read the menu, ended up being a good way to provide some sweetness at the end of the meal.  My dessert was the Apple Grumble.  Served with vanilla ice cream on the side, I was able to take a small scoop of ice cream with each bite of grumble.  No ice cream would be lost in a melted puddle on my plate!

As the meal drew to a close and our bites became further apart, we relaxed and chatted, enjoying the environment.  The waitstaff was attentive, not only to us, but to all parties in our area.  Tables were cleaned with efficiency, allowing diners to move smoothly from course to course.  Water glasses were kept full, and all parties seemed to be enjoying their brunch.

This brunch definitely provided a wonderful way to spend several hours on a Sunday.  We look forward to returning for more culinary adventures.

Editor’s note:  Our evening of dining was provided at no cost to my husband and myself.  That being said, this review accurately reflects the quality of our experience at Jones Wood Foundry.

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