How to Start Your Own Restaurant

by Editorial Team | September 13th, 2021 | Cooking Basics

If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur with a love for food and hospitality, you might have considered owning your own restaurant.

Starting up a new restaurant presents many challenges, but with the right planning and knowledge, you can easily thrive within the industry. Not only does owning your own restaurant enable you to embrace your love for cooking and food, but it also presents the opportunity to create positive dining experiences for many others.

For those of you who are ready to jump into the restaurant world head first, here are some of the key things you need to know in order to start your own successful restaurant business.

Choose a Restaurant Concept

The first step in any business is deciding on a concept. Your restaurant concept should include which type of restaurant you want to open and the specific foods that you’re going to serve. It should also include any necessary details about your interior design and marketing strategies. For example, would you like a high-end professional restaurant for business class individuals? Do you want a Ghost Kitchen Network style cafe that offers healthy fast-food deliveries? Are you going for a themed cafe that has stunning, Instagram-worthy interior design?

You also need to consider the setup of the kitchen. What sort of stoves will use? Electric, induction, gas? Depending on the type you choose and the tools you utilize, you may need to consider fuel storage solutions, such as those from STOREMASTA, to safely house gases that you need.

Consider your target audience when choosing your concept. Think about what type of people you are aiming your restaurant at. This will help you formulate an effective business strategy.

Choose Your Menu

The next step is to decide what your menu is going to include. As a food enthusiast, this will probably be your favorite step. However, it takes a lot of skill to formulate an enticing and inclusive menu. You should take time to carefully consider which meals and sides will be most popular for your target demographic. If you’re going for a fast-food style restaurant, don’t include a bunch of exotic meals on your menu that none of your customers will want to eat when they’re on the go!

When defining your menu, think about the type of equipment you’re going to need in order to make your chosen dishes. Consider how skilled your kitchen staff will need to be to successfully recreate these dishes every day.

Find a Location

The next step in your journey to opening a brand-new restaurant is finding a location. You have options to consider: renting a space, buying a food truck, or using a ghost kitchen. You also may be wondering, what is a ghost kitchen? It simply is a shared space where you can prepare food for delivery. When you’re searching for a property to buy or lease for your restaurant, consider the following.

  • Is it in an upcoming area?
  • Is your target demographic in this area?
  • What is the accessibility like to this location? Are there good public transport routes or lots of car parking nearby?
  • Is there a lot of local competition?
  • How expensive is your rent going to be in this location?

It can be difficult finding the perfect location, but make sure and somewhere that meets your needs and is well within your budget.

Obtain Necessary Licenses

As a restaurant owner, there are several different licenses you will need to obtain in order to legally operate. These will include a business, Employee Identification Number, and food service licenses.

Other Legal Considerations

Don’t forget other important items like payroll. There is more involved in paying your staff than just giving out money. There are tax laws to be followed and changes to be aware of, such as the new 2022 tip rule, that may affect you and your staff.

Once you have followed the above steps, you can work on bringing your restaurant to life, hiring a great team of staff, and opening up your new and exciting business!

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