How to Choose Wine Coolers for Your Kitchen Counter Top

by Editorial Team | April 22nd, 2020 | Cooking Basics

Are you a wine enthusiast? In case you are, you probably own numerous bottles that you’ve collected over the years, struggling to find a proper way to store them. 

Apart from coming up with an idea for the bottles to fit as nicely as possible in your kitchen, they’re also supposed to be stored under optimal conditions in order to preserve the drink’s original quality.

Therefore, the most convenient method of storage, which is both elegant and highly-preservative, is undoubtedly purchasing a wine cooler. 

The following tips will help you make the best choice. 

Consider its size 

Probably the starting point of your quest for the right model would be its size, which entirely depends on the spare space of your kitchen counter. Take a good look at your kitchen in order to study every spare inch attentively. The most convenient location would be placing it in some corner, as it won’t take the attention away from the other elements.

However, it’s paramount to be completely realistic when it comes to your spare space, as otherwise, you’d end up purchasing a cooler that is too large to fit in. Make sure the one you purchase holds a reasonable number of bottles while looking amazing on your countertop that is compatible for a small space similar to apartments near San Francisco. Bear in mind that its size would be directly related to the number of bottles it stores. The greater the number, the larger the fridge. Click here for more storage ideas, convenient for small kitchens. 

Moreover, if you’ve just moved to a new home and your kitchen elements aren’t set up yet, then a fitted wine fridge would be an excellent idea. Instead of placing it on the countertop, it would look even better in line with all the other cupboards. Apart from the standard models, you can find one that matches the material of your cupboards in order to achieve a greater effect in terms of décor.

Consider temperature

Another incredibly significant factor to consider is doubtlessly the fridge’s cooling capacity. Storing wine in regular fridges definitely differs than storing it in a specialized small-size refrigerators. The normal cooling temperature of the former ones is much lower than the one which is optimal for storing this drink. A higher or lower temperature than the ideal one of 55F (12C) would be damaging for its quality.

Since various types of this alcohol are best served at various temperatures, the wisest thing would be purchasing a cooler with two sections, each of them set at different temperatures. Thus, you’ll be able to store some of your bottles in the cooler section and some of them in the warmer one, always prepared to serve the drink in its ideal condition. 

Furthermore, humidity plays a major role in the process of storage, as well. Therefore, the smartest, high-tech models provide homeowners with a digital screen that shows inthe formation on the momentary temperature and humidity levels. Also, some models are equipped with an alarm feature, to notify the client about any alteration of the optimal conditions. Visit the following link:, to read some reviews about some of the top wine coolers that can be found on the market. 

Additional features

Apart from the alarm and digital screen features, these small-sized fridges offer other protective features when it comes to preserving the quality of your favorite drink. For instance, some models are made of glass that provides UV protection. UV rays have a deteriorating effect on its quality, gradually altering its flavor. 

Therefore, if your counter top is under direct exposure to sunlight during the day, then you’re definitely advised to purchase a model with UV protected glass. In case you intend to place the refrigerator at a location that isn’t exposed to extreme sunlight, then this feature isn’t required to be on the list of priorities. 

Furthermore, some manufacturers provide their clients with the feature of having a monitoring system. Regardless of how unbelievable it may seem to you, your cooler would be under constant supervision in case it demonstrates a certain flaw. For instance, if the door fails to shut properly or the temperature alters without your command, the monitoring company would notify the manufacturer who would then notify you, if absolutely necessary.

Determine the price in accordance with your needs

An unavoidable factor to take into consideration is certainly the cost. The price that you’re willing to pay for having proper storage of wine would definitely depend on your needs as well as your budget. However, size is one of the key factors regarding coolers’price. The larger they are, the higher the cost. Thus, unless you intend to throw huge parties with crowds of people, you would need a model that holds a sufficient number of bottles. 

In addition, the more extra features the variant has, the costlier it would be. Besides the basic features that almost every variant has, the rest of them are simply a matter of preference. In case you want a model that is equipped with the coolest features, be prepared to spend a lot more. Also, make sure you take the shipping cost into consideration. Most manufacturers don’t include the shipping cost in the overall price of the product. 

Wrap up

Purchasing this type of fridge, will not only preserve the taste of your favorite drink, but also contribute to the beauty of your kitchen décor!

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