Father’s Day Food from Dawn to Dusk

by TT Editors | June 13th, 2016 | Recipes

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Father’s Day is celebrated on Sunday, June 18th this year. Get ready for a day full of celebrating dad with these great recipes!

To start, why not serve breakfast in bed to your dad? Mom isn’t the only one entitled to that luxury.

A mug of coffee, some crisp bacon, and a plate of piping hot French toast is sure to please. The French toast has hints of vanilla and cinnamon, which make it even more flavorful. Get the French toast recipe here.

A lazy Sunday afternoon is the perfect time for a snack. Surprise your dad with the flavors of buffalo chicken in a different format- meatballs. Serve with buffalo sauce for extra flavor. Get the meatball recipe here

Don’t give Dad a tray of hot dogs, he deserves a heartier meal. How about a steak or thick cut pork chops? Served with a bowl of creamy polenta, he’ll be thanking you for days to come. Get the polenta recipe here

Of course, we need to end this day with a sweet treat. Grab some store-bought ice cream (in your dad’s favorite flavor) and top with homemade bourbon sauce. Yes, that is a delicous ending! Get the recipe for bourbon sauce here.

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