Easy Appetizer Ideas for Your Summer Cookout

by TT Editors | May 30th, 2016 | Cooking Basics

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With Father’s Day, graduations, and summer cookouts on the horizon, it’s time to get some easy appetizers into your lineup. Continue reading to pick up some appetizer tips.

An easy appetizer doesn’t have to mean that you make a veggie tray. There are many other easy veggie ideas- homemade hummus, roasted peppers, and more. Check the ideas out here.

Wow your friends and family with your own charcuterie tray. With this advice, it doesn’t have to be expensive but still will be delicious. Check out our suggestions here.

Get a last minute invite? You might have all of the ingredients at home to whip up a delicious snack. Read this article, and then check your fridge and pantry.

Skip the tray of cheese and crackers for some even more simple- manchego drizzled with honey. There’s no slicing required. Just set a block of manchego on an attractive cutting and drizzle liberally with honey. Present with a cheese knife (and crackers, if desired).

A final quick dish- whip up some dipping oil, buy a couple baguettes, and head off to your event. This app will disappear faster than you can imagine. Get the recipe for the dipping oil here.

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