Dinners in Hana – Part II

by Michele Pesula Kuegler | October 17th, 2008 | Restaurant Reviews

After our excellent dinner at the chef’s tasting, we decided that even though our restaurant choices were limited, we were certain to have great dinners.  Thankfully, we were correct.

While typically I would detail the meals that we ate when dining at a restaurant, I decided to describe Ka’uiki differently.  The reason for this is that the menu changes frequently to utilize locally grown or raised foods.  For example, if there is no local pork available that day, there won’t be a pork dish as an option on the menu.  While this makes it hard to return to the restaurant and be assued of receiving your favorite dish, it does guarantee that your meals are made with the freshest ingredients.

Every night of our stay in Hana we dined at the hotel.  On the second night, we made a reservation and had dinner at Ka’uiki.  We ate a luxurious multi-course meal, starting with a shared appetizer, then progressed to dinner and dessert.  Every dish we ordered was well prepared and elegantly presented.

For our third night of our stay, we decided to have a more casual dinner and ate in the Paniolo Lounge.  Listening to local musicians while enjoying a couple appetizers, a salad, and a burger, we were just as pleased with this meal.  Again the food was delicious and beautiful.

Our dining at the Hotel Hana-Maui was the best that we experienced in our entire trip to Hawaii.  Even though we were in our most remote location (We didn’t even have cell phone coverage!), we enjoyed the most visually and gastrically appealing meals.  As foodies, we had found a gourmet utopia.  What a wonderful way to end our honeymoon!

  1. Fruity says:

    Great post. Hope you enjoyed your wonderful meal.

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