Celery & Chicken Stir-fry

by Elizabeth Skipper | March 18th, 2015 | Chef Recipe, Recipes

chicken stir fry rice (400x400)Celery is often a supporting flavor, not the predominant one, in different cuisines and dishes. Unlike stir-fries with several different vegetables, in this one celery takes a star role – and it’s delicious. No need to use the inner stalks; this is a case where the stronger flavor of the outer stalks is desirable and contributes to the overall success of the dish. Simple and quick to prepare, this is a great recipe to add to your week-night repertoire. Serve with plain steamed rice.




Celery & Chicken Stir-fry


  1. 1 lb. boneless, skinless chicken thighs
  2. 1 egg white
  3. 2 tsp. cornstarch
  4. Sea salt
  5. 3 TB peanut oil
  6. 1½” piece ginger, peeled
  7. 1 medium onion, peeled & halved lengthwise
  8. 5 ribs celery, washed & dried
  9. 1–2 TB soy sauce
  10. Cook the ginger and onion, stirring constantly, about 30 seconds
  1. Place the chicken thighs in the freezer for 15-20 minutes to make them easier to slice. Cut them into thin strips, about ¼” wide
  2. In a medium bowl, beat the egg white lightly; add the cornstarch and a pinch of salt
  3. Add the chicken, mix thoroughly, and set aside while you prepare the remaining ingredients
  4. Cut the ginger into very fine, and the onion into larger, julienne strips
  5. Cut the celery on the diagonal into ¼” slices
  6. Heat a large skillet over medium-high heat
  7. Add half the oil and tilt the skillet to coat the bottom and sides
  8. Add chicken and, stirring constantly, cook until the chicken loses its pink color and stiffens
  9. Remove from the skillet to a platter and set aside
  10. Heat the other half of the oil in the skillet
  11. Cook the ginger and onion, stirring constantly, about 30 seconds
  12. Add the celery slices and cook for about a minute
  13. Add the chicken and any juices which have collected under it, plus the soy sauce
  14. Continue cooking and stirring until the chicken is cooked through and the celery is crisp-tender
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