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tomato sauce (400x400)

Zucchini-Tomato Sauce

by Elizabeth Skipper July 22nd, 2015| Chef Recipe, Recipes
Here’s a sauce in which zucchini and tomatoes share the limelight. It’s a quickly-cooked sauce, so be sure the tomatoes are well drained or the zucchini will overcook while it’s reducing. I’ve adapted this slightly from Jack Bishop’s book Pasta e Verdura. Don’t omit the heavy cream, and don’t
apple pie (400x400)

Zucchini “Apple” Pie

by Elizabeth Skipper July 15th, 2015| Chef Recipe, Recipes
This recipe, the like of which I’ve seen nowhere else, is one cook’s clever way of dealing with overgrown zucchini. If you don’t let on, you’ll be surprised how many people will be fooled with this pie.

If the zucchini skin is still tender enough to pierce with your fingernail,
spiinach salad (400x400)

Baby Arugula & Roasted Red Pepper Salad

by Elizabeth Skipper July 8th, 2015| Chef Recipe, Recipes
This salad can also be made with baby spinach; with either spinach or arugula, the contrast of the color and sweetness of the red peppers is quite pleasant. Yes, I know red peppers are readily available already roasted, but please take the time to roast fresh ones yourself. The
spinach (400x400)

Sesame Spinach

by Elizabeth Skipper July 1st, 2015| Chef Recipe
This is a simple treatment for spinach which I believe came from a Japanese cookbook. What takes so long is the proper cleaning of the spinach. Don’t try to rinse it off; the only way to thoroughly clean all those nooks and crannies in a spinach leaf is to
daffodil dip (400x400)

Daffodil Dip

by Elizabeth Skipper June 24th, 2015| Chef Recipe, Recipes
This dip has been around a long time, probably because it’s so good. I got it from a co-worker years ago, but recently searched for it online out of curiosity. Sure enough, many versions came up, most looking pretty much like the one below, but possibly with some shortcuts
strawberries (400x400)

Berry Crunch Salad

by Elizabeth Skipper June 17th, 2015| Chef Recipe, Recipes
I had a nice French carrot salad recipe written up for this week’s column, but when my personal chef friend Sylvia Anton shared her guest appearance making this salad on NBC’s Charlotte Today show, I knew I had to share it instead. It’s strikingly beautiful, and while I haven’t
cheese sauce (400x400)

Mornay Sauce

by Elizabeth Skipper June 10th, 2015| Chef Recipe, Recipes
Mornay is what the French call a basic cheese sauce. This also is a mornay sauce with a special touch. Most recipes don’t call for the addition of the egg yolk and cream, but it’s a nicety which increases the nutritional value of the sauce, enriches its appearance, and
omelet plate (400x400)

Omelette Au Fromage

by Elizabeth Skipper June 3rd, 2015| Chef Recipe, Recipes
I ate omelets at least twice a week while in night school in Switzerland. There was just enough time between work and school to order and consume an omelet in the school cafeteria. It came with a side of pommes frites (French fries) and a green salad. Bet that
grilled chicken (400x400)

Grilled Italian Chicken

by Elizabeth Skipper May 27th, 2015| Chef Recipe, Recipes
Grilled marinated chicken is delicious, but brining the chicken beforehand allows the flavors to more fully penetrate the meat. I’ve included sugar as an option in the brine ingredients although I probably wouldn’t use it myself; it’s just there to assist in browning. You can also use this brine
dipped strawberry (400x400)

Strawberries for Dipping

by Elizabeth Skipper May 20th, 2015| Chef Recipe, Recipes
It seems like cheating to call this a recipe, but I’ve never come across a better way to serve strawberries that’s different, elegant, delicious, and so little work. This idea first came to my attention when I was in cooking school, and it seemed bizarre at the time. The
fresh asparagus (400x400)

Penne with Asparagus & Ham

by Elizabeth Skipper May 13th, 2015| Chef Recipe, Recipes
Asparagus and ham complement each other nicely, with the sweetness of the asparagus balancing the saltiness of the ham. Against a background of pasta, with the added richness of cream, this is a perfect spring dish which makes the most of an often costly vegetable. If you’re a fan
wrapped asparagus (400x400)

Asparagus Roasted in Prosciutto

by Elizabeth Skipper May 6th, 2015| Chef Recipe, Recipes
This recipe came from a friend, who simply wrote out how he does it, without quantities and measurements. And really, that’s all it takes; this is not a complicated dish. I did some experimenting with it (as I was prepping for an event, not exactly the ideal time), and