Bookends: A Chilled Soup Flashback

by Michele Pesula Kuegler | August 4th, 2017 | Friday Flashback

Peaches & cherries- meant to be together

We started the week with a chilled soup, why not end it with one as well? As I mentioned on Monday, the options for chilled fruit soups are almost endless. When I wrote that, I was only thinking about puréed versions. If we get into gazpachos and chunky chilled soups, you could fill a large notebook with all of the varieties.

Today, however, I am staying with the theme of chilled and smooth soups. It follows a formula similar to the Chilled Blueberry Lemon Soup: fruit + liquid. However, in this recipe I didn’t add an outside element of flavor. The reason for this is simple. This soup is a Chilled Peach Cherry Soup. With two fruits, there’s no need to muddy those flavors by adding an herb or seasoning.

Another difference in this recipe’s formula is the lack of yogurt. The peaches deliver a thickness to the soup that berries and cherries don’t. You’re welcome to add yogurt for even more body, but I prefer to keep it a bit lighter and let the peaches do all of the thickening.

One of the nice things about this soup is that you can play with the ratio of fruits. Making this recipe initially for my hubby and me, I used more peaches and let the cherries act as secondary note. It also could be made with cherries as the star or with the two fruits sharing the flavor stage equally. Just play with the amounts of each to get the flavor you desire.

This soup would be the perfect start to a summer, Sunday dinner. Follow it with some burgers from the grill and corn on the cob, and you’ve got a terrific early August meal!

You can find the recipe for Chilled Peach Cherry Soup here.

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