Blue Cheese & Dates

by Michele Pesula Kuegler | March 19th, 2012 | Appetizers, Recipes, Tapas Monday

fetchpriority=”high” decoding=”async” class=”alignright size-full wp-image-2936″ style=”margin: 5px; float: right;” title=”gorgonzola” src=”” alt=”” height=”255″ width=”300″>As I mentioned in my Maple Apple Mustard recipe, last Tapas Monday was not one that allowed for a lot of cooking time.  Instead I worked on pairing each of the cheeses with a simple condiment:  sharp cheddar with maple apple mustard, truffle cheese with pinot grigio sausage.  I had a wedge of gorgonzola that was begging to be paired.

I personally love the combination of pears and blue cheese, but we were without pears.  Looking for something sweet to contrast with the salt and bite of the blue cheese, I remembered that we had a package of dates.  I didn’t have the time to stuff the dates, but I did think that they would work well with the gorgonzola.

What I created really requires no recipe.  However, the flavors in this combination were so well paired, I decided it was worth sharing.  When you are seeking a sweet and salty combination that can be served on your favorite cracker, this is perfect.

Blue Cheese & Dates


  1. 12 small dates
  2. 4 oz. gorgonzola (or other creamy blue cheese)
  1. Chop dates into small bites.
  2. Combine dates and cheese in a small bowl, stirring until well combined.
  3. Place a sheet of plastic wrap on a work surface.
  4. Transfer cheese mixture from bowl to plastic wrap.
  5. Shape into a log, and wrap in plastic.
  6. Refrigerate for one or two hours.
  1. Serve with crackers.
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