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by Editorial Team | February 3rd, 2021 | Cooking Basics

The niche of catering software providers is coming back and having a re-birth. Besides, tech advances are rapidly increasing and changing the food industry. Henceforth, we have reviewed the best event and food catering software in the market and how positively they can impact your catering business.

Operating a catering business in this technologically advanced and fast-paced environment demands strategy and wit. For this, any catering business seeking to manage the best of their services has to embrace tech within their surroundings. The best start is to get a reliable catering software solution and take full benefit of its capabilities.

Paper and pen will not help any more, especially when it comes to complex catering operations. Competition has gone top-notch, even the once useful Office and Microsoft Excel suite are virtually obsolete for the catering businesses. Specific successful inventories have managed to stay highly competitive thanks to the limitless benefits that catering software can serve.

By using any of the catering software reviewed here, you will not have to waste your time finding and comparing agencies, manage kitchen production, hustling with spreadsheets to create orders, or even track your costs. Most of them serve all of these factors for your catering merchandise. Hence you will have the time of focusing on growing your inventory.

Here is the best catering software for 2021:

1.Flex Catering Software: this catering software helps you get more sales online using the fully customizable online ordering website. In addition its robust dashboard allows you to manage all aspects of your business. It isan easy-to-use catering software that will help caterers manage their operations seamlessly, from order management to reports, production and integrations. Flex Catering is the best catering software choice for events and corporate caterers. It also offers a vast array of reports such as run sheet, sales, forecast reports, production, dispatch and ingredients.

2.Total Party Planner: next comes the Total Party Planner. The owners who have a history in running catering business in Buffalo, NY, have designed it to help the users achieve efficiency and accuracy to grow their catering merchandise. Catering businesses can now streamline their catering operations with this software for easy events, recipe scaling, and tracking communication, easy staffing, organizing events, and creating reports.

3.Better Cater: third comes the Better Cater software. It is one of the most straightforward online application that can easily organize and streamline your lists. Besides, the users have a 30-day free trial and are well suited for following catering merchandise; corporate catering, function & event caterers, restaurant & franchise food chains, and food trucks.

4.Triple Seat: the fourth one is the Triple Seat catering software designed to help party venues and restaurants manage their events digitally. It is easy to use just like the software as mentioned earlier. The ones who have developed this app have the industry knowledge and have served in some of the best hotels and restaurants in America and Europe.

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