American-style chicken. A recipe that you can successfully use in every restaurant

by Editorial Team | December 12th, 2022 | Cooking Basics
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Breaded chicken breast – if you don’t already have this item on your restaurant’s menu, be sure to change that. Adding breaded chicken to your menu is a great way to enrich your offer with a popular and well-loved dish. Using our recipe, you can prepare American-style chicken in no time, and the result will impress any fan of this type of cuisine. And many more!

American-style chicken – what distinguishes it?

American-style chicken consists of juicy pieces of meat in a crispy breading. What sets it apart is the breading – golden and crispy. The very sight of it makes your taste buds go wild. How do you get the effect of juicy, tender meat in a crispy coating with its distinctive crunchy flakes?

Chicken breading – why go for ready-made breading for restaurants?

The secret of American-style chicken lies in the breading. This is what gives the dish that appetising crispiness and golden colour. Some chefs try to make their own breadcrumbs by adding cornflakes, egg and breadcrumbs, but the final dish never resembles the one we know from American restaurants.

When preparing chicken, it is important to use a tried and tested ready-made solution for a satisfying result. Chicken breading mix for restaurants is a combination of many different, perfectly composed ingredients. Using readymade breading not only saves time for often unsuccessful and expensive cooking experiments but also guarantees reproducibility. And this is extremely important in gastronomy.

Chicken nugget breading – an easy solution for a crunchy breading

Chicken nugget breading is convenient to use and gives the dish an exceptional crispness. After frying, the breading on the chicken is neither hard nor chewy and has a crunchy structure in the shape of characteristic flakes. It adheres perfectly to the meat, so that it still sticks to the meat after cutting, tearing or biting, ensuring that every bite is crispy. The use of ready-made breading ensures a reproducible taste and appearance of the final product.

A recipe that will work for restaurants and fast foods

So how do you make American-style chicken using ready-made breading? Here’s a recipe that you can successfully use – whether you run a restaurant or fast food. To prepare the chicken using this recipe, all you need is a bit of available space, some basic kitchen equipment, and three ingredients.

Crispy breaded chicken recipe

Ingredients: poultry meat, chicken marinade, chicken breading


Clean the cooled, washed meat of any bones, gristle and areas with membrane. Cut the meat into strips, about 30 g.

Prepare the marinade and pour it over the meat. Massage the meat for 5-10 minutes until it has absorbed all the marinade. Place the marinated meat in the fridge for at least 4 hours.

Place the marinated chicken pieces in water for a while, then drain off the excess water (the chicken should not be dripping wet, but moist).

Place the drained pieces of meat in the breading. Separate them by gently lifting them from the bottom and pressing down. Bread the chicken according to the breading manufacturer’s instructions. Follow the recipe as instructed, doing the required number of repetitions.

Shake off any excess breading from the meat and place it back in the water and again in the breading. Repeat this process without pressing the breading to the meat. This will give the dish an appetising tenderness. When you have finished coating, shake off any excess breading.

Preheat the fryer in a deep fryer to 170 degrees Celsius. Place the chicken pieces in the basket and dip them into the deep fryer. After 30 seconds, shake the basket so that the pieces of meat fry evenly. Fry them for about 3, 5 minutes.

Breaded chicken breast – many serving options

Breaded chicken pieces prepared in this way can be served as a separate dish or be used to prepare a variety of delicious dishes.

Here’s a list of our ideas for dishes with American-style chicken pieces:

  1. chicken burger in several versions – from the classic version with ketchup, lettuce, tomato, cucumber and red onion to more varied versions with cheddar cheese and home-made sauces
  2. salad with chicken pieces
  3. chicken wrap
  4. baguette with chicken pieces – served cold
  5. chicken sandwich – served hot

American-style crispy chicken on your menu

Why enrich your catering establishment’s offer with this dish? First of all, chicken dishes are very popular among all age groups. Both adults and children enjoy them. It works well both as a snack, lunch and dinner dish. It goes perfectly with french fries, bread and all vegetables. It is convenient to transport, so you can easily serve it for takeaway and delivery. Easy to prepare. Try our recipe and offer your restaurant guests this delicious American-style dish.

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