6 Things You Need To Start A Sushi Business

by Editorial Team | December 20th, 2021 | Cooking Basics

An ethnic cuisine that caught the fancy of Australians comes from the Asian region. It’s not Chinese. It’s Sushi from Japan. Sushi is synonymous with simplicity, seasonality, and great flavour. The popularity of this specialty food rose from 36% to 40% in just five years, and the upward trajectory continues.

Starting your sushi business has never been easier, and with the trend catching on, this is the best time to do it. The market now has devices like a sushi machine and other equipment to help simplify preparing a neat sushi roll. There are several training courses also available online for those passionate about this Japanese delicacy. If you are looking to start a sushi business, here are six things you need to start your venture:


Location is key to any restaurant. You need to ensure that your sushi restaurant is not close to another similar restaurant. It is also important to ensure that your restaurant is strategically located in a place where the dish would be liked by the people.

Sushi is still nascent, and folks in rural locations may not warm up to the delicate flavours. Looking for a location that is densely populated or is close to a prominent area of the city is also crucial as it will ensure a good footfall in your restaurant. A highly populated location will have a diverse crowd affording more sophisticated palates.


The restaurant’s reputation depends on the chef’s skills and mastery of the cuisine. While anyone can make sushi by watching a few videos, a professional will know the craft’s nuances and, therefore, will do justice to the dish and flavour. Finding a chef with sushi-making experience is critical for the success of your sushi business.


Rolling sushi is an art and requires rice washers, rolling mats, weighing machines, conveyors, pressing machines, and sheeting machines. The art of rolling sushi calls for precision and elegant touch. In a restaurant business where the requirement for churning out sushi rolls is going to be high, opting for good quality machines and other equipment can be a worthy investment.

High-Quality Suppliers

Sushi involves eating raw meats and therefore requires dependable suppliers of meat. The meat should be sourced from ethical suppliers who allow the poultry to forage naturally rather than force-feed them high-energy grains.

The seafood should also be bought from reliable suppliers who use natural habitats over unethical fish farms. Another factor to consider is the animal’s health before you purchase it. Making sure that the meat does not carry any food-borne illnesses is highly critical to your restaurant’s reputation.

Authentic Setting

The interior of your restaurant should be the epitome of authenticity. To create a lasting impression on your customers, you need to make sure that your serving plates, cutlery, and condiment bowls are authentic Japanese. You can also decorate the restaurant using Japanese folk art and paintings to give it a cultural boost. Having folk music in the background will set the mood for sushi lovers to enjoy the meal.

Effective Marketing Strategy

Letting people know what you have to offer is essential to your success. If you have followed all those mentioned above five but do not have an effective marketing strategy in place, you may not get enough customers to keep your business profitable. It would help if you used a mix of online and offline marketing methods to reach a large audience base.

Sushi is a specialty food that has travelled across the world and is appreciated by the sophisticated Australian palate. With a machine to roll the perfect sushi and a marketing strategy to give you a jump-start, you can now quickly start a successful sushi business.

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