5 Tips and Tricks for the Best Cup of Coffee

by Editorial Team | July 25th, 2018 | Cooking Basics

Coffee is the daily fuel that energizes most of America’s mornings and midday pick-me-ups. We all have our own favorite coffee shop that makes that cup just right, but why not translate this perfect coffee to your own home? Here are some top tips for making a better and more professional coffee; for lazy Sundays or rushed midweek mornings.

1. Roast Your Own Beans

Convenience often prevents us from going all out in sourcing and roasting coffee beans, but roasting coffee is surprisingly easy and the benefits are great. Whether you choose a full professional getup, a quick roast in the home oven or even a DIY hand held heat gun approach, fresh roasted coffee offers a richer flavor and fuller aroma. You are also likely to receive greater health effects from a fresh and lighter roasted coffee. With a roast under your control, say goodbye to bland mass burnt coffee beans.

2. Utilize a trial run for a better drip

Although habit sees us want our morning coffee fast, if you use a drip filter machine, it is always best to allow a full plain water drip before reaching for your ground coffee. This is because most coffee machines do not meet optimal heating temperatures until mid-drip. By warming through the machine with a trial water run, you are going to get a deeper flavour in the second run. You needn’t waste water either; just pour the heated trial water back in for a warmer brew. This will make a perfect accompaniment to our Berry White Chocolate Scones.

3. Store Your Beans Correctly

Provided you are using freshly roasted coffee beans, it is always best to store them in an airtight container at room temperature or properly sealed in the refrigerator. It is something of a trend to keep your coffee in the freezer right now. Although this is fine, you should always use beans that are at room temperature and utilize the freezer only to preserve your next week’s batch. A ton of info on coffee makers is available here; just be sure to store your beans correctly.

4. Understand Caffeine Levels

All beans do not have the same caffeine levels. You can see this with pre-packed ground coffee which offers some form of strength and flavor grading. If you are roasting — or even blending — your own coffee, remember that Robusta beans contain more caffeine than Arabica, and that a darker roast has no relation to the caffeine, only the flavour. In fact, the caffeine level will also change depending on how you consume your coffee; drip coffee often contains more caffeine than an espresso or an Americano because of the saturation during brewing. By understanding caffeine levels, you will be able to master your home cup for optimal taste and effect.

5. Consider Cold Brew in Summer

If you fancy an iced coffee in the warmer months, you may want to investigate the art of cold brewing. Rather than brewing a warm coffee over ice and refrigerating, a cold brew is made at a low temperature over time. This imparts a sweeter flavour with less bitterness and acidity. Just remember to get your coffee brewing a day before you intend to drink it. We like to have two on the go at a time; one for drinking now, one for tomorrow.

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