5 Side Dishes to Complete Your Summer Dinner

by TT Editors | August 1st, 2016 | Recipes, Side Dishes

If you’re tired of chips as the side dish with your dinner this summer, we have some great (and easy) recipes to add more excitement to your evening meal.

Zucchini is available everywhere; make it a healthy part of taco night. This Mexican zucchini is a healthy side packed with flavor. Get the recipe here.

Trying one of the sandwich recipes from last week? These healthy fries make the perfect accompaniment. With their flavor and crunch, your bag of chips won’t be missed. Get the recipe here.

Yes, we’re still working on the squash of summer. These cakes are the perfect partner for some grilled chicken or steak. Pan-fried (not deep fried) they’re a healthy option that is absolutely delicious. Get the recipe here.

Summer is the time of pickles (at least at TT’s home). If you’re wanting something as flavorful without as much salt, these roasted beets are a great option. They’re tasty enough to be eaten on their own. Get the recipe here.

Finally, we have a side that isn’t healthy but is so yummy. What burger doesn’t beg for some bacon? With this recipe you’ll get bacon without the regular mess. Get the recipe here.

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