5 Reasons Why Ninja Blender Won’t Turn On

by Editorial Team | February 16th, 2021 | Cooking Basics

Ninja blenders are unique blenders that work by pulverizing principle rather than chopping up the food. A lot of people prefer them because they are simple to use. They come with manuals that can answer any related question like the warranty and cleaning process.
However, Ninja blenders can frustrate you by failing to turn on when you need it most. For such a reason, you need to have an idea why these devices at times fail to turn on. Being the most effective juicing appliance, you may ask yourself why ninja smoothie blender won’t turn on. This article has you covered, read through and understood.

5 Reasons My Ninja Blender Not Turning on

Just like any other appliance, a Ninja blender is prone to failure due to some mishaps like not turning on. From the Ninja Professional Blender Bl660 review, if your blender fails to turn on, you will not blend anything. Therefore, you should understand why ninja blenders won’t turn on . The blenderplanet also shared how you can correct the mess.
Power Source
Probably this is the first thing that you should inspect to know why your ninja blender does not turn on. Check whether the power light of the blender is on, if not, inspect the power source or the electrical cord. If your blender is new check the power source because it is unlikely that a new Ninja blender behaves that way.

For you to confirm if the power source is the problem, you unplug your blender and plugin another appliance. Make sure you use the outlet. If the problem occurs with the second appliance, you should check the circuit breakers or consult an electrician for assistance.

Once you are sure that your Ninja blender does not turn on because of power, ensure you take it for repair. Always remember to take it to a Ninja specialist. The user manual can also be as helpful as the specialist.
Flipping of Thermal Switch
A Ninja blender has a thermal switch as the component that helps it regulate the heat from reaching the unit. This switch when preventing overheating, it can flip to allow the blender to warm up and eventually stop working.
If this happens, you can easily restore your ninja blender to normalcy by unplugging the blender from the power source. This will allow it to get back to normalcy within 15 minutes.
Wrong Assembly
Ninja blenders may seem simple to use but they need some expertise because one simple mistake can not turn on. Those using them for long can confirm that your power source is not always the reason behind this failure. Manufacturers include the correct order of assembling in their instruction manual but you may fail to interpret correctly. Therefore, to avoid such frustrations, understand the assembling process and don’t always put the blame on the power source.

One of the things you should check out is the order of components. Ensure from the top they are the pitcher; assemble the stacked blade by positioning them through the gasket. Remember to assemble the stacked blade with care because they are extremely sharp.
Incorrectly Placed Components
Your ninja blender is likely to turn on issues if you incorrectly place the components when assembling. For instance, you need to ensure that each component is firmly attached to the other because they work alternatively. Additionally, the positioning of the components should also be right for it to turn on properly
To demonstrate this, if the Pitcher is not fitted tightly at the blender’s base, all four positions might not fit. Hence, it is likely to be hard when rotating. Such factors can eventually lead to your ninja blender not turning on.
However, if you face that pitcher problem, you can correct the situation by fitting the pitcher correctly. Ensure the pitcher faces directly to the four positions while leaving the handle in front to the far-right hand side.

The Lid isn’t Tightly Locked

Another reason that makes the Ninja blender fail to turn on is a failure to lock the lid tightly. The lid is responsible for curbing spills which occur when the blades are rotating. Your blender will flash a power button continuously to signal an improperly closed lid.
If you want to curb this, ensure the lid is locked into position and ensure you rotate the handle while pressing it downwards. Should the flashing light reoccur again, it means another component like the white arrows is not aligned properly.
There are other times these devices randomly stop. The lights might still remain on but the motor fails to start up. Most people usually rush to conclude that maybe it’s because of a dead motor or something like that. Failure of any of the components might lead the device to malfunction.
Whenever a blender fails to start, always don’t think narrowly. The problem might be soothing little you would not even imagine. Always consider a professional inspection before just settling that the machine is dead. Likewise, if your warranty is still up to date, seek replacement before the problem develops.


Having all the above points in mind, you stand a chance of getting a long-term service from your blender. These are few of the many reasons why ninja blender won’t turn on. Always have an idea about them to stand a chance of determining a step to take whenever a mess happens.
However, always try to seek professional help whenever your device stops to function. They have skills and specialized tools to accomplish repairs. Also, ensure you use the devices as recommended by the manufacturer. Lastly, maintain your blender to serve you the best. Always clean and service it regularly.

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