Vanilla Blueberry Pie Parfait

by Michele Pesula Kuegler | May 17th, 2023 | Desserts, Recipes

Who says dessert can’t be healthy-ish?
This Vanilla Blueberry Pie Parfait proves otherwise.

vanilla yogurt and blueberry compote layered 

Vanilla Blueberry Pie Parfait

Michele Pesula Kuegler

A dessert that will cure your sweet tooth in a healthy way

Prep Time 10 minutes

Course Dessert
Cuisine healthy

Servings 2



  • 2/3 cup frozen wild blueberries thawed
  • 2 tsp. sugar divided
  • 2 graham cracker squares
  • 1-1/2 cups vanilla yogurt
  • Rainbow sprinkles



  • Place blueberries in a small bowl, and sprinkle with 1 teaspoon sugar; stir to combine.
  • Place graham crackers in a resealable bag and gently pound to make crumbs.
  • Add other teaspoon of sugar to graham cracker crumbs.
  • Using a pint jar or similarly sized dish, put 1/4 cup yogurt in the bottom.
  • Sprinkle half of the graham cracker crumbs evenly over yogurt.
  • Top with another 1/4 cup of yogurt.
  • Spread half of the blueberries over the yogurt.
  • Top with 1/4 cup of yogurt.
  • Top with rainbow sprinkles.
  • Repeat layering to create second serving.
  • Eat or refrigerate.

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It’s coincidental that as I work on writing an introduction to this recipe from the archives, I’m taking a few weeks to eat more healthfully. If you read my articles regularly, you probably know that I am a mindful eater, but over the past few months between travel and special occasions I’ve splurged more than usual. While others may not notice, I just feel a bit bleh. So, a few more salads, a little less wine and dessert, and I’ll be back on track in a couple weeks. If I get a sweet craving, this may be the recipe I seek.

Back to the original post in May 2017

The word dessert immediately brings to mind treats- a sugar-based item that feeds not only my stomach but also my cravings for something sweet. Whether it be cookies, cake, ice cream, or some other delight, dessert usually screams of indulgence. However, if you walk into any bakery or grocery store, you’ll see many options calling to dieters everywhere. Low calorie. Low fat. Reduced sugar. Dessert doesn’t have to be a 1,000 calorie event.

I do love desserts but keep my eating of them to a reasonable amount. Long gone is the time when every day ended with a dessert. However, there are times when I’m craving that bit of sweetness but not all of the calories. Sometimes I can cure it with a spoonful of whipped cream or a small scoop of ice cream. Other times I really want a bit more than that but not the calories that go with eating a huge slice of cheesecake.

Recently, I wrote an article about the different methods I have for feeding my dessert craving without consuming a ton of calories. I think out of the options I shared, I tend to lean on yogurt the most. I almost always work with Greek yogurt, which has a number of benefits. I find it to be more filling than just eating fruit, but it also is low calorie. Plus, it’s full of protein. I’ve mentioned it before, but if you shop carefully, you should be able to find plain Greek yogurt that has about 130 calories per cup.

If I’m in a rush, I simply mix the yogurt with a pinch of sugar and some fruit. Ta-da! Instant dessert. Other times I want to make something that’s more impressive, maybe even something that I’ll share with others. That’s where this parfait comes into play. It has all of the flavors of a vanilla pudding pie topped with blueberry sauce without nearly as many calories. Top it with sprinkles, and doesn’t it just scream fun?!

I chose blueberries because that’s what I was in the mood for when I made this dish. However, almost any other berry would work well. If you are using fresh fruit, be sure to let the fruit sit with the sugar and macerate for a bit to give a saucy effect to the fruit.

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