Tips for Cooking a One-Pot Meal

by TT Editors | February 15th, 2016 | Main Dishes, Recipes

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There are a handful of options for cooking that one-pot meal. The first option is stovetop- using a larger stockpot. While not my preferred method, it does allow the cook to check on the dish quite easily.

With this method, it is important to keep an eye on the temperature, so that you don’t boil away all of your liquids. No one wants a dry meal.

The second option is cooking in the oven, using a roasting pan or Dutch oven. This is a great method for a cold winter’s day; it fills the house with warmth and great aromas.

If using a stockpot, be sure that it is oven-safe, including its handles.

A third option is using a crockpot, which is helpful when you will be out of the house all day. Combine all of the ingredients, cover it with a lid, turn it on, and dinner’s ready when you get home.

Don’t open the crockpot. Removing the lid drops the temperature, which will affect cooking. Let it do its thing until it’s dinnertime.

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