Summertime Deserves a “Fruity Vacation”

by Michele Pesula Kuegler | August 18th, 2021 | Tasty Thoughts

As a food blogger, I receive a fair number of press releases announcing new food products and kitchen items. Many of these emails earn a cursory glance before being sent to the trash file. Fruity Vacation was one of those PR emails that caught my eye and a deeper review.

Living in Florida, it isn’t uncommon for me to spend an hour poolside on a weekend afternoon or as I unwind at the end of a workday. Thus, when I saw the picture of these crystal treats with a shimmering pool in the background, they spoke to me. This was a product I needed to try.

The packaging

I have to start with the packaging of Fruity Vacation. They arrived in an elegant white box wrapped in teal ribbon. I know it might seem like a minor detail, but isn’t that what matters? From the second you see the box, you know that you are about to enjoy an amazing treat.

The Crystal Treats

Within the box there are six, individually wrapped treats. Each treat is a different flavor and has a different look. It is difficult to decide which to try first. Regardless to which you choose, you know that each is a gluten-free, vegan, non-additive, natural treat. You can share them with all your friends, that is, if you’re willing to part with any.

I decided to share them with my husband to get a second opinion. We both found them to be exquisite treats, unlike anything either of us have had. My favorite was the grapefruit-peach, while my husband enjoyed the watermelon.

These Fruity Vacation Crystal Treats would be the perfect way to end a summer soiree. Paired with a cocktail or sparkling wine, they would provide a sweet, light, and fancy end to the meal.

To learn more about these Crystal Treats or to order your own, please visit their website.

While I did receive a complimentary package of Crystal Treats, I was not paid to write this review. The opinions shared in this article are purely mine.

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