Recipe: Margarita with Salt Pie

by Michele Pesula Kuegler | March 9th, 2016 | Desserts, Recipes

decoding=”async” fetchpriority=”high” class=”alignleft size-large wp-image-160600″ src=”×396.jpg” alt=”margarita pie” width=”400″ height=”396″ srcset=” 400w,×150.jpg 150w,×297.jpg 300w,×168.jpg 170w” sizes=”(max-width: 400px) 100vw, 400px” />If you’ve ever ordered a margarita at a bar or restaurant, you should know the two questions that automatically follow.

On the rocks?

My answers to those questions are almost always affirmative. (The exception being a raspberry margarita. For that I want a sugar rim on the rocks. FYI, in case anyone wants to have one sent my way.) So, when I decided to make a margarita pie for the second week of our citrus focus, I wanted something that truly echoed the taste of a traditional margarita.

Obviously this pie doesn’t have ice, but it is a refrigerator pie that is best served cold. It has just enough salt to give a taste of it in almost every bite, just like when you are sipping on a margarita. However, because it is a dessert, there is enough sugar to remind you that this is a sweet treat.

I made the filling of our pie with a small amount of tequila, as it was being served to a multi-age group. With only a tablespoon and a half of tequila in the whole pie and the amount of time spent heating it, I can’t imagine there was much alcohol left in a serving. If you want a bigger tequila flavor, I think you could safely increase the amount to 4 or 5 tablespoons and keep the right consistency.

This pie is sure to be seen again. I can imagine bringing it to summer cookouts, Cinco de Mayo celebrations, and other fun events.

Margarita with Salt Pie

Serves 6
A sweet, with a hint of salt, dessert that is best served cold


Prep Time
20 min

Cook Time
30 min

Total Time
6 hr 50 min

Prep Time
20 min

Cook Time
30 min

Total Time
6 hr 50 min

  1. 1-1/4 cups pretzels
  2. 1-3/4 + 1/3 cup sugar, divided
  3. 10 Tb. butter, divided
  4. 1-1/4 cup water
  5. 6 Tb. cornstarch, divided
  6. 5 eggs, divided
  7. 2 Tb. tequila
  8. pinch salt
  9. 6 Tb. lime juice
  10. zest of 1 lime
  11. 2 Tb. orange juice
  12. 1/2 tsp. cream of tartar
  1. Preheat oven to 350.
  2. Place pretzels in a gallon-size ziplock bag. Crush with a rolling pin or mallet.
  3. Add 1/2 cup sugar & mix well.
  4. Melt 8 tablespoons of butter in microwave.
  5. Transfer pretzel mixture to a 9-inch pie pan; pour melted butter over and mix until well combined.
  6. Once fully combined, press to cover bottom and sides of pan.
  7. Bake for 10 minutes; allow to cool on rack.
  8. In a medium-sized pot combine water, 1-1/4 cup sugar, 5 tablespoons cornstarch, 5 egg yolks, tequila, and salt.
  9. Heat over medium heat, whisking constantly, until boiling.
  10. Continue to whisk until thickened; remove from heat.
  11. Add lime juice, lime zest, orange juice, and 2 tablespoons butter. Stir until butter is melted.
  12. Transfer to cooled pie crust; refrigerate for at least 4 hours.
  13. Preheat oven to 350.
  14. Combine 1/3 cup sugar and 1 tablespoon cornstarch in a small bowl.
  15. Place 5 egg whites in bowl of stand mixer and whisk on high until frothy.
  16. Add cream of tartar, whisking until soft peaks form.
  17. Add sugar mixture, a little at a time, until firm peaks form.
  18. Spread on top of pie and bake for 12 minutes or until golden brown.
  19. Cool on baking rack for 30 minutes, then transfer to refrigerator to chill for at least an hour.
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