More Tapas with an Italian Twist

by Michele Pesula Kuegler | March 27th, 2017 | Tasty Thoughts

Whenever I watch a competitive cooking show, I shudder when a contestant presents a dish and calls it his or her version of XYZ. Without a doubt, there will be a chef-judge who takes offense to the misuse of that cooking terminology. I know that if I ever competed on a cooking show, I would need to be wary of that same mistake. I haven’t formally studied cooking but place descriptors at my whim.

So, this week, I’m writing about Italian dishes again. Perhaps I should use quotation marks, as these probably aren’t authentic Italian dishes, rather they are dishes with spices found in many Italian dishes. And even if they are, my recipe most likely takes liberties with ingredients and cooking methods. However, when I cook, I’m less concerned with following tradition and history and am more concerned with making a dish that is delicious. So, curse me if you like, ignore what I call it, and just appreciate it for its flavors. That’s my thinking anyway.

My two focal ingredients for the new recipes this week are veal and mushrooms. Conveniently I found two recipes in the archives that are Italian-style and utilize those same ingredients. Put together, you have a fine, two-dish tapas dinner!

Veal Rollatini– This dish is best made with freshly picked tomatoes. If they aren’t available, diced canned tomatoes make a decent substitute.

Balsamic Mushrooms– The key to this recipe is to use good balsamic vinegar, preferably artisanal. With the balsamic being the prominent flavor, you want it to be delicious. 

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