Michele’s Ultimate Turkey Sandwich

by Michele Pesula Kuegler | October 28th, 2008 | Recipes, Sandwiches

After a very big dinner at an Italian restaurant on Saturday, neither of us were hungry for breakfast the next morning.  However, as the morning passed, our appetites awakened.  Being a Sunday with not much on our schedule, we decided to do a little grocery shopping in the morning and make sandwiches for lunch.

Typically, a sandwich conjures thoughts of two pieces of bread with a little bit of filling.  Well. . .that isn’t quite what we had in mind.  As we didn’t go to the grocery store until 11, our feeling of not being hungry was far gone.  And being foodies, we had specific ideas in mind, such as caramelizing onions and roasting a turkey breast instead of buying turkey from the deli.

I will admit that I did cut one corner in making this sandwich.  I bought canned whole berry cranberry sauce.  I would have preferred homemade, but to allow it to cool and set would have taken hours, and I was quite hungry by then!

With all of our ingredients, we headed for home and started our cooking.  My husband seasoned the turkey and placed it in our rotisserie.  I sliced the onions and began the process of caramelizing.  Once these items were nearly ready, we diced and sliced vegies and cheese.  The product of my work was an amazing turkey sandwich.  My husband’s, on the other hand, was a monstrous club with layers of many ingredients.  However, I believe they were similar, in that both sandwiches were the ultimate sandwich for each of us.

Michele’s Ultimate Turkey Sandwich


  1. 2 slices whole wheat bread
  2. mayonnaise
  3. 1-2 lettuce leaves, preferably Romaine or Butter
  4. 1 cooked turkey cutlet*, sliced
  5. Sharp cheddar cheese slices
  6. Whole berry cranberry sauce
  1. Preheat broiler. Put a thin layer of mayonnaise on one slice of bread.
  2. Top with lettuce, then turkey. Use enough cheddar to cover turkey layer.
  3. Place sandwich under broiler briefly. (Just long enough to melt cheese, but not long enough to make bread toasted.)
  4. Top with cranberry sauce and second piece of bread. Slice in half, and enjoy.
  1. *To prepare turkey cutlet: Coat cutlet with a mixture of salt, pepper, and sage.
  2. Cook in rotisserie according to manufacturer’s recommendations.
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  1. Christine says:

    That sounds delicious! I’m a bit of a foodie myself, but I happen to love canned cranberry sauce. Even the jellied molded kind. It’s a comfort food for me. Sprinkle a little kosher salt on it and I’m in heaven. I will definitely be trying this sandwich.

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