Italian Restaurants in Sydney You Should Not Miss

by Editorial Team | November 17th, 2016 | Tasty Thoughts

restaurant (400x400)Have you ever had a food trip in Sydney? It is one of the best places to experience different kinds of cuisine prepared authentically or made with a contemporary twist. But one of the best things that you can ever get to try are the Italian restaurants in Sydney. There are a lot of restaurants that offer your favourite Italian staples like pizza, pasta, risotto, and more. Some have also created their own fusion twist to the Italian dishes we have come to know and love.

If you have not been on a trip to Sydney, a food crawl is just the thing to get you acquainted with the cosmopolitan city, and Italian food is where you can start. Here we list down some of the Italian restaurants you can go to on your visit.


Sagra is all about simplicity. From the moment you enter their terrace building, you will see tables close together providing an intimate and comfortable setting for you and your companion. You would feel as if you are in an Italian home, where people are warm and the place is relaxing.

This is all translated on their plates, too, with a rustic twist to it. Get yourself a glass of their fruity-cinnamon Sangiovese to kick things off. For the main course, you can try their Tagliatelle Ragu, cooked with minced pork in a light white wine sauce, topped with lots of parmesan. And for dessert, have a bit of chocolate tart with a fluffy whipped centre, creme fraiche, encased in hard pastry.

Osteria Di Russo and Russo

Enmore Road is a foodie’s paradise. It is home to some of the best culinary finds, from hole-in-the wall places to fine dining restaurants, it is definitely a place you should not miss. To add to this food fray is Osteria Di Russo and Russo, an Italian restaurant that offers unique, and very hipster sensibilities.

Their menu is more for sharing, divided into the lighter kinds of food found at the left-hand side, to the heavier stuff found at the right hand side. They have salt-baked beetroot that comes with rye crisps and dressed in balsamic vinegar called Insalata Bietola. They even have a plated cheese course with flat bread that is too die for. The restaurant allows people to bring in drinks or food they like with a low corkage fee of 5AUD. To top off the indie vibe, the music is played on vinyl, what more can you want?


Among our choice on this list, Balla is a fine dining Italian restaurant whose food is totally worth splurging for. Balla offers a modern interpretation of classic Italian dishes we have all come to know and love. A wood-fired grill is featured in the hotel, and it gives the dishes a more rustic vibe to it.

Try dishes like the wood-fired grilled lobster, the smoked ricotta with capocollo, peas, and creamy zucchini, or the orecchiette with vongole. And you would be happy to know that they have consistently won the Gourmet Traveller Wine List of the Year, so you know their wine cellar is top-notch.

Chiosco by Ormeggio

You can find Chiosco by Ormeggio by the d’Albora Marina, right by those speedboats zooming about in the harbour. You can choose to have al fresco dining, with blue and yellow bunting to keep you dry when it rains.

The crowning glory of Chiosco is the seafood. Imaging enjoying a creamy Sydney rock oysters while taking in the best waterfront view you can ever have. You can also have battered zucchini flower parcels that is just filled with goat’s cheese that is just going to make your cheat day awesome.

If you are planning a trip to Sydney, make it a food crawl and go visit these amazing Italian restaurants. Just do not forget to wear those eating pants, because you are definitely going to be chock full of food by the end of the day. Stay stuffed!

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