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by Editorial Team | January 30th, 2020 | Restaurant News

Do you know how they say that the best ingredient is love? Well, that is true. What is also true is that you cannot cook a delicious meal for family gatherings without the proper cookware. These kitchen tools will be your best friends throughout the entire process. And there is also something else we know – you and your guests deserve the best.

Pans are best if they don’t stick 

Let’s start with the basics. Great pans and cookware sets are probably one of the most common items in a kitchen, but what you should make sure of when you pick yours is that it does not stick. You wouldn’t want to ruin your favorite dish just because you chose a poor pan. If they don’t stick, they are great to use in many cases – whether you are making breakfast (some eggs or pancakes) or frying some delicious meat to serve with rice and fries. So, this is the secret of the pan – it must not stick. Here is some advice on cookware for beginners.

A slow cooker for a big feast 

A slow cooker will bring the delicious out of any food. Although the process of cooking in a slow cooker is… well, slow, you do not have to worry about it consuming much of your time. All you have to do is put the vegetables or meat you want to cook inside and do anything else you want while waiting. The cooker will do the rest. Now, what can you prepare in a slow cooker? Anything from soup to stews. Something yummy for these cold winter days, which anyone will love eating.

Knives are your best friends 

The knife is the symbol of a chef and that is for a reason. There isn’t anything you can do in a kitchen without one – whether you are making an apple juice, salad or pie. You cannot even slice one without needing the knife. In different forms and sizes, knives have specialized uses and come of service to bread, meat, fish or fruit slicing. Make sure you gather in your kitchen an array of knives to help you in any situation. If you want them to stay with you over the years, make sure that you use them solely for their purposes, meaning you should never cut tin with a bread knife. Oh, and do not forget about the cutting board! This article can give you is more insight into the subject of cookware.

Strainers should be no strangers 

Ok, with pans, slow cookers and knives you kind of have the basics covered. But for an unforgettable meal, you should pay attention to every detail. One of those details is a strainer and it should never miss from your kitchen. Let’s say that you are cooking some delicious pasta – there is no go without a strainer. Or that you are washing lettuce and carrots for a healthy salad. After that, you can put them to rest in the strainer. Only once they are drained of water will you take them on your cutting board.

Bowls – tiny, big and even bigger

Bowls are my favorite kitchen items. They come in different colors, materials, and shapes. You can put in them different ingredients before cooking, use them in the microwave to reheat dishes and even to eat a spicy soup. Big and small, you can use them to store salads or any other types of food in the fridge.

You can go for plastic or metallic ones, but I love ceramic bowls the most. They are more durable and may come in different shapes and with different paintings. More than functional, bowls can become real pieces of art. You deserve something really special for your kitchen such as cookware From Our Place.

Oh, and toaster ovens 

Now, this might sound a little too much for some of you, but having a toaster oven can be a life-changer. Firstly, it’s perfect if you want to cook an intimate dinner for one or two and it really helps save electricity, comparing to a full-size oven. And what can’t you cook in it? Anything you want from roast chicken, salmon, to roasted almonds or garlic bread. It’s also a time saver really – you can cook a pizza in there or any type of pie you want.

Did you get all the necessary cookware in the kitchen? That is great! That means that you can start calling your friends and family and make dinner plans. Put on some music and start washing vegetables, cooking the meat and preparing the pie! Will it be a pumpkin or an apple pie? Before you put it in the oven, do not forget about the secret ingredient that makes your meal unforgettable – love. In this way, they will all crave to come back for dinner the second time.

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