From Kitchen to Market

by Michele Pesula Kuegler | October 15th, 2012 | Restaurant News

ref=”https://thinktasty1.wpengine.com/tuscan-kitchen-salem-nh”>Tuscan Kitchen in Salem, New Hampshire, has been a favorite dining location for my husband and me since it opened in November 2010.  For us this restaurant is the perfect combination of dining elements:  highly attentive customer service, delicious, freshly prepared foods, well appointed decor.  Whether visiting Tuscan Kitchen for a weekend afternoon appetizer, a multi-course dinner, or a late night cocktail, we have had only exceptional experiences.

Thus, when owner Joe Faro decided to embark on another culinary project, I was more than eager to view and experience.  The new project is Tuscan Market, which is located next door to Tuscan Kitchen and has more than 10,000 square feet of shopping and dining space.  I was one of the lucky  handful that was able to have a sneak peak last month as part of a media preview.

Entering the building, it is a feast for the senses, especially for those who appreciate great food and beverages.  First, there are multiple shelves filled with a wide assortment of imported goods.  From olive oil to canned tomatoes to bottled sauces, there is much to peruse.  Next, the customer will discover a great amount of counter space that is filled with a mix of homemade and imported goods.  From cured meets and cheeses to homemade pasta, there are so many options to tempt your palate.

Continue along the counter space, and you will find freshly made dishes that can be brought home.  Whether you are seeking pizza or a pasta dish, something will be found to tempt your senses.  Of course, to follow those entrées are an assortment of homemade desserts.  Cannoli, cakes, cookies, and more can be found at their bakery counter.  If you prefer something cooler, continue to their gelateria, where more than a dozen varieties of homemade gelato await you.

Have some time to relax?  Grab a cappuccino and take a seat in the 65-seat café.  You can simply relax or watch a show on one of their flat screen televisions.  In warmer weather, you can take your treat outside and enjoy some time on their patio.

Before you leave, don’t forget to make your meal at home complete with a loaf of bread and bottle of wine.  Freshly baked bread is available, as is a wide assortment of wines to pair with your foods.

Tuscan Market is set to open this month.  Be sure to stop by; it is a culinary experience you are sure to enjoy.

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