Four Fabulously Fruity Cookie Recipes

by Michele Pesula Kuegler | November 20th, 2020 | Recipe Collection, Recipes

They may not have a full serving of fruit, but they sure are deliciously full of fruit flavors.

Four cookie recipes that feature fruit

So far this week I have shared recipes for a cranberry cookie, a blueberry biscotti, an apricot biscotti, and a bar cookie that features cranberries. It’s time to discover other fruits that have earned their places in the world of cookies.

Almond Joy Cookies– Yes, there may be almonds and chocolate in this cookie, but there also is a good amount of coconut, which earns this cookie the title of fruity. It definitely doesn’t count as a serving of fruit, but it’s a darn delicious dessert.

Adults Only Margarita Cookies– Sorry, kiddos! This cookie, which has lime juice and zest, also has tequila. Thus, it’s for the 21+ crowd only. Consider this fruity cookie a cocktail in handheld form.

Twice the Lemon Cookies– Another citrus cookie on the way! This cookie has lemon juice and zest in both the cookie and frosting. Take one bite, and you know you’re eating a cookie full of lemon.

Apple Pie Cookies– Filled with chunks of dried apple, this cookie might possibly qualify as a serving of fruit, especially if you ate two or three of them. Of course, I’m not a trained nutritionist, so take my advice with a grain of salt.

You have four fruity cookie recipes: lemon, lime, coconut, or apple. You pick the fruit; I have the recipe you need.

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