Eden Alley, Kansas City, MO

by Michele Pesula Kuegler | September 1st, 2010 | Restaurant News

Earlier this month, Think Tasty readers had the opportunity to choose the best restaurant in the Central Plains region.  With ten fabulous restaurants in the mix, deciding wasn’t easy.  Until the last moment, fans shared their votes and left comments praising their restaurants.  When voting ended, the restaurant that earned the most votes was Eden Alley in Kansas City, Missouri.

I spoke with the husband and wife team of Greg Clootz (co-owner) and Sandi Corder-Clootz (co-owner/chef) to learn more about their fabulous and well-loved restaurant.

TT:  I noted on your website that you’ve run the restaurant for 16 years and that you’ve learned and made changes in that time.  What are the biggest changes you’ve made?

EA:  Change is good…but if you want to keep your customers, change has to happen slowly and gradually over the course of years.

TT:  How often do you change your menu?

EA:  We have an “everyday menu” that stays the same.  It’s a constant, featuring 7 starters, a plethora of drinks, 7 signature salads, and a virtual salad bar where the customer picks from most of the ingredients we have…and 9 entrees. Everything on this menu is time tested and customer loved!  Then we have our “specials” menu which changes semi-daily, usually consisting of 5-6 more entrees, 1 or 2 special appetizers, and 5-6 drinks specials.

TT:  What do you like about having a restaurant in Missouri?

EA:  We love the heartland because there are so many wonderful farmers trying to make a difference in the way our society eats!

TT:  What do you dislike?

EA:  The growing season for local produce is way too short.

TT:  What is your favorite dish on your menu?

EA:  Ultimate Garlic Grilled Cheese- Garlic bread with chili cumin aioli, pickles, onion and tomato, with cheddar, mozzarella, bleu and parmesan cheeses, baked bubbly, and served over mixed greens with a dollop of hummus and red wine dressing. {vegan:sub cashew cheese sauce}

TT:  You have a loyal base of patrons.  What is it about your restaurant that you believe makes them so?

EA:  “Honesty”  We believe in the truth of good food being made with great ingredients, in a simple manner.  This lets the flavor of the ingredients pop on our customers’ tongues…and NOT make them feel sick after eating.

  1. Jeanette Schmitt says:

    I will be flying into KCity, MO in the next few months so I want to stop in and have a meal with them before heading to Topeka, KS. Over the last 4 months have developed a very big interest in Vegan food so this restaurant will be refreshing. Thanks much for interviewing the owners of this place !!

  2. Mark says:

    Their open-faced garlic grilled cheese is the best grilled cheese I’ve ever had, and I’m far from being a vegetarian! Everything I’ve tried there is wonderful, from their sweet potato burrito to their mushroom loaf. It’s a real KC treasure

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