Eat More Strawberries

by Michele Pesula Kuegler | July 24th, 2020 | Recipe Collection, Recipes

Try one of these recipes in order to eat more strawberries all day long.

3 recipes that feature strawberries

Strawberries can be a part of any meal with a little bit of creativity. Let me show you how with these three delicious recipes.

Strawberry Soup– At the end of a hot summer day, my perfect meal is served cold. This strawberry soup served with a sandwich makes for a lovely, light dinner. In a pinch you can make this soup with frozen strawberries.

Nectarine & Strawberry Salad with Mint– Working backward through the day, this salad makes a delightful lunch. It’s as pretty as it is delicious. Serve it with some cheese and crackers, and feel like you’re at an elegant tea instead of at your office or in your own kitchen.

Sweet Strawberry Biscotti– Back to the start of day, these biscotti are cookies that you can eat for breakfast. What’s not to like about that? Made with freeze-dried strawberries they’re full of flavor and crisp, the perfect accompaniment for a cup of tea or coffee.

With these three recipes you now have delicious ways to eat strawberries all day. Yay!

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