Cool off with a Refreshing Froze’

by Editorial Team | August 16th, 2017 | Chef Interviews

Especially during the summertime, temperatures can be off the charts. However, no matter what season you find yourself in, there’s nothing more refreshing than an ice cold beverage which tastes like it was specially made for you. One of the things people like most is a good Rose’, but why not combine it with some other fun stuff in order to create something even better? Introducing the Froze’, a Rose’ experience and a truly refreshing adventure!

Here are the ingredients you are going to need for this tasty beverage:

  • Make sure you get a great bottle of Rose’, preferably at least 750ml. If you need less, you can drink the excess another time but if you need more, you’re in a pickle.
  • Also get 100 grams of powdered sugar.
  • Now it’s time for the fruit that will really sweeten the deal. Get 250 grams of strawberries.
  • It’s not all sweet, as we also require one and a half lemons worth of lemon juice.
  • Let’s not forget water. We’re going to need 100 grams of that as well.

How to mix everything together for a great and refreshing drink:

The preparation process is rather simple, and you shouldn’t have any problems making the Froze’. For starters, take your Rose’ and pour it in a dish. To be more precise, you’re going to need a gratin dish. Now, put it in the freezer and leave it there for at least 6 hours. You need to give it time to freeze up and solidify. Of course, since it’s alcohol in there, it won’t go completely solid, so test the waters, so to speak.

Now we’re going to get a little exotic by frying up the sugar in a saucepan. Also add the water in with the sugar and stir them gently over heat. Let the sugar dissolve in the water. We’re almost done here but just before you finish, make sure to add cut strawberries into the mix. Mix them all together for a couple of seconds before finally removing the mix from the heat.

After allowing the strawberries to infuse the syrup you’ve created, make sure to pass it through a sieve. After that, take the Rose’ out of the freezer and put it into a blender. Combine it with the strawberry syrup but also with the lemon juice. Don’t forget to throw in some ice in there as well. Just a handful of small ice cubes should do the trick.

Now that we have all our stars in place, it’s time to get this show started. Blend them all together with the mixer until you obtain a fine pure. Once the smooth paste is ready, pour it into a big recipient, preferably a carafe. You must be very anxious to try it by now, but you have to let it another half an hour to cool down. Put it back in the fridge for this period.

Once you take it out, you could run it through the blender one more time if you’d like it smoother. Otherwise, pour it in a walk glass. The only thing left to do now is garnish the glass if you want to. You could add a cut strawberry on the rim for aesthetic purposes or drop a fancy straw in. The last thing left to do is enjoy your creation! If you want more fantastic recipes you can check out Le Petit Ballon.

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