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Added-Value Services to Look For When Choosing a Wholesale Food Provider

by Editorial Team July 26th, 2017| Ask the Chef
If you’re a business owner looking for a wholesale food provider, there is no shortage of options. However, just like in any other industry, no two companies are exactly the same. Finding the right provider for your business is key to ensuring you can deliver the quality of food
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Making Muffin Batter Ahead

by Elizabeth Skipper December 14th, 2015| Ask the Chef
To save time on Christmas morning, I want to make muffin batter the day before and then bake them first thing on Christmas Day. I have two questions. Is it fine to refrigerate the batter overnight? Does the dough need to come to room temperature before baking, or can
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Tips for Making Latkes

by Elizabeth Skipper December 1st, 2015| Ask the Chef
My boyfriend talks about many of the foods him mom made that he loves. I think the one I’d have most success with are latkes. Do you have any advice for making these potato pancakes?

Latkes, a traditional holiday food, can inspire strong feelings. I remember a friend wringing her
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How to Properly Cook a Turkey

by Elizabeth Skipper November 17th, 2015| Ask the Chef
It’s a question I debate every year- how to get a moist, thoroughly cooked turkey. I have seen so many options- breast down for cooking, cut up the turkey and cook the white and dark meat for different lengths of time, and more. What do you recommend?

Ah, the perennial
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Best Rice for Fried Rice

by Elizabeth Skipper November 3rd, 2015| Ask the Chef
I want to try making stir fried rice at home, which leads me to two questions. 1. Do I have to use a specific type of rice? 2. Is it better that the rice is moister or dryer when making fried rice?

To answer your second question first, drier rice
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Pumpkin in Stew

by Elizabeth Skipper October 20th, 2015| Ask the Chef
After trick or treating, the adults gather at one house for dinner while the kids run off the candy. I want to make a low-maintenance stew, something warm that can be made earlier in the day. Do you know of any recipes that include pumpkin, so that my dish
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Is Quinoa a Substitute for Rice?

by Elizabeth Skipper October 6th, 2015| Ask the Chef
I know that quinoa has been popular for a while, but I haven’t cooked with it yet. Is it truly a replacement for rice? Could I use it as a substitute in fried rice, casseroles, etc.?

Is quinoa a replacement for rice? It can be used almost anywhere rice can
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Mulled Cider

by Elizabeth Skipper September 22nd, 2015| Ask the Chef
The chill of fall is nearing. I want to make mulled cider for a Sunday afternoon get-together. Is there an optimum amount of time that I should let the cider and spices heat? And is there a benefit to stovetop vs crockpot?

When asked how long a speech should be,
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When is Corn Ripe?

by Elizabeth Skipper September 8th, 2015| Ask the Chef
I see people peeling corn at the farm stand to see if it is ripe/ready. Is there a way to do that without peeling it?

Yes. Unlike some vegetables, corn doesn’t continue to ripen once it’s off the stalk, so it’s picked ripe. Some ears will have a few more
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Best Way to Roast Beets

by Elizabeth Skipper September 1st, 2015| Ask the Chef
I’ve seen recipes that call for roasted beets. Researching that, some people recommend wrapping the beets in foil and some don’t. Do you have an opinion as to which works the best?

Sure do. I vote for using the aluminum foil. Beets being as dense as they are, it takes
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Potatoes for Potato Salad

by Elizabeth Skipper August 25th, 2015| Ask the Chef
I don’t make potato salad all that often. When I do, I’m never sure which potatoes are best for it. Do you have a recommendation?

It’s simple. Just remember to never use an Idaho, russet, or other kind called a baking potato. Those varieties are high in starch compared to
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Cooking Hot Dogs Wrapped in Bacon

by Elizabeth Skipper August 18th, 2015| Ask the Chef
I’ve seen hot dogs wrapped in bacon. I’m wondering how would be the best way to cook them. I want the hot dog to be hot and the bacon to be fully cooked. How do I accomplish this without over- or under- cooking either?

Oh, doesn’t this bring back memories