A Cake Made for Summer’s Berries

by Michele Pesula Kuegler | July 7th, 2017 | Friday Flashback

The perfect cake for summer. Birthday candles optional.

I love the months of June, July, and August for the fact that there are local, fresh berries available in each month. At some point in June, the NH strawberry fields are ripe and ready for picking. As this season wanes, the blueberry season begins. In late July we are greeted with blackberries and raspberries, keeping us rich with berries until at least late August. For a fan of berries, this is a great time of year.

The majority of the berries I eat are straight out of a bowl. Just a quick rinse and it’s time to eat. However, sometimes it’s nice to put a little preparation into your eating. Of course, I want the berries to shine. What better way to do that than to let them macerate in some sugar and serve them atop a slice of freshly made cake?

This Angel Food Cake is the perfect choice. Yes, it’s more work than buying a package of those sponge cakes at the grocery store, but it’s worth the minimal effort. The time spent mixing and baking produces a delightfully light and sweet cake that is irresistible. (I don’t know that we’ve ever had leftovers, even with just four of home to eat the cake.)

Go get some fresh berries. Bake the cake. Have a fabulous dessert!

The recipe for Angel Food Cake can be found here.

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