7 Health Tips for New Fathers

by Editorial Team | April 4th, 2018 | Chef Interviews

Have you become a father recently? A father’s role in raising your child extends beyond instilling your values into their behavior. As an adult, you have a responsibility to your family to take care of yourself. Are you doing everything you can to ensure your longevity? A father is often responsible for the safety and financial security of their family, but if you are in ill health, can you provide for them?
Here are seven tips you can use to make sure that you are on the right path to good health, for your sake and that of your family.

#1 Get Your Bloodwork Done
Visit your M.D every year for a checkup. Your doctor should draw blood to determine the status of your health. If you don’t have a doctor, you can get this done through a medical facility, such as a walk-in clinic in dallas. A comprehensive bloodwork test will involve the following criteria;
• Fasted glucose
• Lipid panel (for cholesterol)
• Hormone panel (testosterone, estrogen, and thyroid)
• Liver and kidney function
• Hepatitis
Your blood work will be your baseline. You can’t lie about the results, they are what they are, and if your health markers are on the high side, it’s time to take control of your lifestyle and improve your health.

#2 Go Carb Free
Carbs are over-rated. Going carb free and experiment with a ketogenic diet. Keto allows your body to avoid the inflammation associated with the consumption of refined carbs. Stay younger for longer and keep your skin glowing and healthy by eating a carb-free diet.

#3 The Benefits of Fasting
Fasting for 24 to 48-hours once a week can help you boost fat loss and improve the health of your immune system. Fasting enhances the effect of cell apoptosis. Apoptosis is a biological function where the body replaces damaged cells with new ones. Just 24 hours in a fasted state can increase your rate of cell apoptosis by up to 300%.

#4 Use Cognitive Supplements
Being a new father means lots of sleepless nights. Stay alert during the day and keep your thought processes running smoothly with the use of cognitive supplements. Cognitive enhancers will improve the neural pathways in your brain and strengthen synapse function.

#5 Get Some Exercise
A sedentary lifestyle is a pathway to obesity, heart disease, and organ failure. Make sure that you get your exercise in every day. Raising your heart rate to its maximum for just two minutes every day will improve your health markers and improve cardiovascular health.

#6 Plan for the Future
Create a logbook of your journey to being a healthy father. Record what you eat and how you train every day. Include your sense of well-being and your mental state as well. The journal will give you valuable data that will provide insight when you review it in the future.

#7 Enjoy Your Downtime
Relaxing on your favorite leather sofa after a hard day at the office and dealing with your new child is a great way to unwind. Stress builds up in your body and signals the release of cortisol. This destructive hormone adversely affects every biological system in the body. Get as much rest as possible.

Wrapping Up
Implementing these few tips will improve your longevity, mobility, and quality of life into your old age. Grow old gracefully and enjoy your time with your family.

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